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Found 2 results

  1. I have moved into an area that is rich in fishing opportunities. I think that one really overlooked area of fly fishing is stillwater fishing. I live near a lake that seems to consistently produce large Trout, along with bass and other warm water species. It offers easy access. As I am not quite as good at wading as I used to be (balance), I am probably going to focus on float tube fishing a good bit. I would appreciate anyone letting me know what patterns have worked for them in Stillwaters. I have read Rickard's boo;ks, Phil Rowley's book, watched Brian Chan and Phil Rowley on you tube. I have also read Lockhart's book. While I appreciate the presentation vs fly argument, it seems that lakewater fishing is really about depth and distance from shore, along with structure. This is exactly what we had to focus on with Bass Fishing when I lived in the South. I will be Bass fishing some in this lake as well. The flies I have had luck with in the past are Woooly Buggers in various colors, Rickard's AP nymph, Carey Specials, and PT nymphs. Please let me know your thoughts on pattern selection. I am trying to limit this to one large box for the lake.
  2. Lets try again. As the northern hemisphere moves towards winter, I want you to think about your favourite late season patterns (typically for brown trout). Some friends and I are heading to Tasmania in March (Late Season in southern hemisphere), and I want to see what you've got. The deal is each of us will tie a pair of flies e.g a dry fly (or emerger) and a nymph that we would like to use come late season. (my combination can be used as an indicator dry / dropper but yours doesn't have to). No size restrictions. Please specify if you prefer to fish your combination on streams or lakes. I'm hoping we'll get a good variation here. Standard rules apply including self addressed return envelope and toe tags, US Dollars or paypal will be accepted for return postage. If you can keep the package as small as possible (less than 20mm or about 3/4in) we should be able to send as a letter, thus minimising the costs of sending international (the standard altoids tin should work for this). Looking for 10 players plus myself. Tie 10 of each pattern and you won't get any of your own ties back. SM - #14 royal coachman and #16 BH hares ear nymph (stream) done 1. Mainard #12 elkhair caddis #16 prince nymph (stream) Received 2. Flytire opal x caddis dry and ice cased caddis received 3. Vicrider wulff and #24 zebra midge address sent 4. Fishing Bob nelsons caddis and hares ear nymph received 5. Dubs Beetle and drowned ant Received 6. mcgx2 PFD emerger and fly guides nymph (stream) Received 7. adam Saarinen - received 8. Rockworm- received 9. LilDave - Caddis combination (#14 EH Caddis plus #12stick caddis) for lakes done 10. Adam saarinen mayfly plus nymph - received Due date at my door in 8 weeks time - that is 18 January 2018. (remember - delivery from US / Canada to Australia typically takes 2 to 3 weeks) I would have made it 6 weeks but that would bring delivery to between Christmas and New Year. Thank you and I look forward to your participation
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