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  1. Woodenlegs has a cool pattern using a glass "bubble."
  2. Sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family.
  3. Pretty cool idea. It would work great on Stonefly patterns.
  4. Sandan and Poopdeck, beautiful ties.
  5. Perdigon Coque de Leon tail Size 16 Fulling Mill 50 degree jig hook Black vevus thread 0.015 lead under thorax. Pink slotted 3/32 tungsten bead Body is thread with Pearl tinsel ober wrap Collar is purple wire embroidery thread Liquid fushion over.(experiment)
  6. I have a two volume set on Nymphs by Schweibert. Not a lot of commercial patterns, but a tome nonetheless.
  7. I have to get mine gathered up from swaps.
  8. These are going to be great Christmas gifts. Cannot wait to see them!
  9. Anyone have a favorite brand? If so, why? I have not seen a big difference between brands, other than Tiemco. They seem much sharper and stronger than other brands, but expensive. I like Firehole for streamer hooks. I have been happy with J Stockard house brand and Green Caddis Outfitters, as well as Mustad. Chime in.
  10. I was never sure whether I liked Brooks' patterns, but nobody can deny their effectiveness. Good job.
  11. Thanks for posting photos. Great sets of flies.
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