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  1. My two cents. First you need to sit on a stump and figure out exactly what YOU want to accomplish with Youtube. Second, you need to figure out your intended audience. Third, you need to over-communicate. Voice, captions, lists. One pet peeve of mine is recipe's. Always list what you use and perhaps discuss alternatives. Be sure to always give credit to the original creator of the pattern, if known. This is just common courtesy. I like Chug's idea of FAOL tie along videos. Perhaps you could also do some reviews. For instance, I think we all like FTD products. Not a lot of videos about them. They are great substitutes for more expensive products, and some are unique. You might make a video using their product and send it to them. They might help you get an audience by connecting to you. That is one example. Another might be finding synthetic substitutes to tie old standby flies. Another would be a series on frugal fly tying. Use of cheap materials. Think Mikechell. (half joking), Don't worry, just be yourself and you won't look like you are copying anyone. However, study different videos and steal what you like and avoid what you don't/ Good luck and don't quit!
  2. DarrellP


    Buying it with your own money will make it more valuable to you. That is great investment. It is great seeing you young guys getting into this. You tie very well for any age person. Enjoy!
  3. Mike, it sounds like you are the most pragmatic and least sentimental person on earth. Your approach is much more efficient than mine. Lot's of good responses on here. I too have a fairly good library of books that I enjoy.
  4. I was looking at fly patterns in a book and tried to enlarge it by spreading my fingers over the photo like I do on my tablet screen. What a weird development. Amusing. I really enjoy fly tying books and have a pretty good library, but I find myself going to the web more and more often. I find that Youtube is most helpful if you stay away from the "yahoo" crowd. Some of the people on here (Norm and others) have put in a ton of time on their websites and they offer great, expandable photos as well. Another good point is that I can enlarge the font on my computer, as my eyes weaken. I don't think that books are going away, (i certainly hope not) but our relationship with them seems to be changing. Also, print media has fallen on hard times to some degree. Many of my subscriptions are on-line now, if offered, because I don't want to deal with storage of the magazines. I do wonder what using the computer so much (looking at screens) is doing to our brains. I have seen published data that it is not all benign. Do you go to digital sources of information, or a book first when seeking information on fly tying?
  5. Please join our swap. Be adventuresome, especially now that Covid is shutting us down, again. Details for dates, etc., are in Swaps, but not due until Oct 15.. Can be for Salmon, Trout, Steelhead, etc. Definition of intruder: the best I can tell it is a largish fly, or micro-intruder. Has two stations, or one. contains a wing, or tied in the round, weighted or not. on a shaft with a trailing hook, or tube, or long hook.Usually contains "legs" of Ostrich, Rhea, synthetic, rubber/silicone legs, or marabou, or schlappen. So there is the definition. Pretty vague. I will post my address once I complete a house purchase.
  6. I am sorry, I seemed to have missed the original post. I cannot seem to locate it. Anyway, I am always glad to donate. My dry flies are rather amateurish, but my wets and streamers are okay. Can you please re-state what the donation is for, when its due, etc. I am glad to participate.
  7. Thanks for posting. I have recently started using "fibers" in my tying. I am using EP, Farrah, and Congo hair more or less the same ways, for streamer wings and on intruders. Will have to try on dry flies.
  8. Norm, glad to see you tying Steelhead and Salmon flies, again. I learn a lot from your work..
  9. This is a good start. I just moved to Oregon and am still trying to get exactly what qualifies as an intruder. It seems to require a small trailer hook, a connection, at least one satin with a shoulder and some type type of flowing or dangling material. Can be any size or density, weighted, or unweighted, natural or synthetic.
  10. Let's do this. Limit to 12 people. Due Oct 15.
  11. Theft has been around forever. That is why it is one of the ten commandments. You have to keep stuff with you and then it van be stolen by a pro. I am sorry for his loss.
  12. Not sure why my intruder post went under Dr. P. I added it from my phone instead of my tablet.
  13. Oct 15? These things do take time to tie. Should we limit to 6 or go with a dozen, if there is interest?
  14. Intruders or tube flies. Sign up by Aug 1. Due Oct 15. Making a late due date to accommodate summer plans. These flies intrigue me. 1. Vicrider--Intruder 2.Stabgnid 3. CPHubert 4.mikemac1 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
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