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  1. Thanks, I will try to find the half and half Carey Special.
  2. Too many hooks, feathers, fur, synthetics... the list goes on.
  3. Rick, there was a streamer that had half Pheasant tail and half Peacock herl body. In the Carey Special family. I cannot find the name. Cool concept. Capt Bob and Norm knock it out of the park, as usual. DFoster, I often use longer hackles by accident, but if you look at some of the old soft hackles from back in the day, they had longer hackles than we use today. You are on to something.
  4. Great flies everyone! Rick, those will slay the panfish.
  5. Zonker 1/0 Tin plated Mustad jook White 6/0 Uni thread White rabbit zonker strip over back White esatz body Small prismatic tab eyes
  6. Lefty's Deceiver 1/0 tin plated Mustad hook 6/0 white Uni thread White Chinese rooster feather tail, splayed out. White and Chartreuse bucktail. Pearl Krystal flash Red Krystal flash throat Prismatic tab eyes
  7. Rattle Clouser Tin plated mustad #1/0 hook Pyrex rattle inside mylar piping with Solarez coating Chartreuse over white bucktail wing Med lead hourglass eyes
  8. Rabbit jig. Eagle Claw 413 hook White 6/0 Uni thread Fuschia rabbit with blue tips tail and wrapped. Aluminum sea eyes
  9. Shrimp thing Size 4 mustad SS hook White Uni 6/0 thread Large pink bead chsin center of shaft. Feelers; gold flashabou Root beer esatz rear, orange front Back: mylar piping with stripes
  10. Sylvester Nemes Mother's Day Caddis (sort of) Sz 12 nymph hook 10/0 Vevus black thread Abdomen: peacock herl Hackle: Hen Pheasant Head: black Ostrich herl
  11. I think I am afraid I will break it. I plan on using it more this year. It is an excellent rod.
  12. Gillage. Sorry, I was confused about who tied it. What size hook?
  13. Norm, that last fly should be killer for Bass and Panfish. I probably should use more rubber legs on Trout. I could see it working with the bead on the head, as well.
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