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  1. Gray soft hackle GCO Wet fly hook #12 Abdomen: Danville gray thread Tag and Rib :Silver Oval French Uni tinsel Thorax: Muskrat dubbing Hackle: Gray hen neck
  2. If that doesn't make enough noise, I have seen rattles made from bb's in a .22 casing with the opening covered. I don't remember what he covered the opening with. Then bury in the popper or tie above the rear hook.
  3. I have to go to the optometrist. My left eye is out of focus compared to my right.
  4. Tracking 9500 1138 2666 2139 1413 65
  5. Just focus on streamers. That is my strategy for now. Then salt, then pike flies.
  6. Kim, how are you dubbing the antron? Split thread, twisted,loop?
  7. Thanks Scott. I have been working at it.
  8. Mickey Finn Streamer 3x streamer hook Body: Uni Embossed French flat silver tinsel Uni Oval French silver tinsel rib Yellow-red-yellow bucktail wing 10/0 Vevus thread
  9. I think I have that one here somewhere. I have to find it now
  10. I really like this one. Should be a killer with all of that Peacock.
  11. Thanks for posting.
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