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  1. I am getting where smaller than a 16 is hard to see. I am not good with dries. I cannot marry wings.
  2. Great flies! Flytire, do you use feather tough or anything on the feathers before making wet fly wings?
  3. I guess they are caught up with outdoor activities
  4. Ok. Let's send at least two for each participant. Total of at least 6. Either the same or 2 different patterns
  5. If this doesn't get more people, shall we just send two or three to each person?
  6. In oregon it was all about waterproofing. Down here in MS it is mostly about water wicking and sunburn protection. I need to invest in water wicking underwear.
  7. Jig flies or jigs up to 1/32 oz. Due May 31st. First 12 to sign up. Send Self addressed envelope and $5 for postage. Please sign up by May 1. Mail to: Dr. Darrell Phillips 107 Suncrest Place Brandon, MS 39047 1. Vicrider 2. Woodenlegs RECEIVED 3. Fruitrollup RECEIVED 4. chasing tails 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  8. All great. Love the wee bucktails
  9. If you are tying with synthetics, their stuff is great and low cost. I have liked all of the FTD products that I have tried.
  10. You guys are stepping it up this month. Great flies!
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