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  1. Thanks for posting, Norm. I love fishing wet flies.
  2. So these are wound rubber legs rather than hair? How do they hold up?
  3. Thanks for all the great flies. Excellent work, everyone.
  4. Cajun coachman, McGinty, Gill getter, black nymph, Rickards AP nymph all work. I caught more Warmouth and Drum on the Gill Getter, though.
  5. That is pretty funny. I live in a senior moment world.
  6. I posted this under March flies by accident in April. April fool, I guess.. This is my simplified floating Dragon Nymph to be fished on a sinking line to hover over the muck. Based on Phil Rowley's Dragin fly Hook: generic barbless #8 nymph hook 10/0 vevus thread Body: light olive crystal chenille Eyes: med round black Rainey's float foam Shellback: 3 mm olive sheet foam Legs: olive and black silicone with glitter.
  7. I used Pistol Pete's for 20 years. Not often, but they work very well. Thanks for posting the Hardy propeller flies. Denduke, if you are fishing out of your Rolls Royce, you will need mud tires on it down in Mississippi.
  8. It is interesting what makes a word judged to be profanity. Some are biblical such as "hell" and "damn." But most profane words are Anglo- Saxon in origin, while the "acceptable" term for the same thought is from Norman French. For instance, "defecate", "intercourse"... I forgot where I read this. You are correct that young women are more profane at work, while men are afraid that they will be seen as offensive or creating a hostile work environment. My Dad would not tolerate anyone cursing in front of a woman. He would call them down if they did. Old school southern.
  9. My daughter just asked me to show her how to tie. We fished in the Cole rain last weekend. She enjoyed it and caught fish. All three of my daughters fly fish with me, but this is the first one who has wanted to tie, so far. She may join the site at some point. You guys are much cleaner in speech and content than the women I work with. Mainly, we are corny, harmless and a little obsessive. In short, boring misanthropic fly tying needs. I am okay with that.
  10. Updated more realistic floating dragon nymph. Simplified from Rowley's draggin' nymph. Size 6 nymph hook, barb less Abdomen light olive crystal chenille. Back: olive3 mm foam Legs: sparkle olive and black silicone legs Eyes: Rainey's black med float foam For use in lakes with a sinking line
  11. Booby type dragon nymph. Size 8 barb less nymph hook. 10 Vevus thread Olive marabou tail. Light olive cactus chenille body. Shellback is 3 mm olive foam Eyes: Rainy's float foam black medium
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