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Found 4 results

  1. Here's the rules for the swap - any fly pattern that uses feathers/quills from either a breed of partidge, pheasant or quail is welcome - either wet or dry patterns. Sign-up is limited to the first 12 registarants and ALL LEVEL tyers are most welcome to join. If you are a new to tying flies and/or this is your first swap please PM me and let me know - I am most happy to address any of your questions/concerns so you can decide if a fly swap is something you'd like to try out. I am retired and check the site at least once daily, so you should get a response from me within 24 hours in most cases Registration will run until 10/1/2021 and flies are due to me by 11/6/2021 (due to Thanksgiving BUT don't wait 'till the last minute!🙄). As always please include toe tags on your flies that include at least your screen handle and the name of your pattern, your swap box (with your screen handle), and a SASE. Please include the name of your pattern choice when you register (or as soon as possible afterwards). I (the Swapmeister) reserve the right to deny a pattern if at's already been taken by someone else. If, for any reason, there are less than 6 people registered by 10/1 a descion will be made at that time to extend the registration date or cancel the swap. As always please keep in touch with me if there are any questions/concerns/unanticipated challenges. As usual, with all my swaps, a fly tying gift or two is included for each swapper. And, please have FUN! Kim 1 - Woodenlegs - received 2 - vicrider - received 3 - niveker - Red Clock - received 4 - DarrellP - Soft Hackle PT 5 - John1986 6 - danthebugman - The Bug - received 7 - mikemac1 - Hare's Ear Carey Special - received 8 - fishingbobnelson - Partridge and Green - received 9 - J-Kno - Frenchie - received 10 - jacktjl - Yellow Hammer Variant - recieved
  2. Hi, I purchased a few pheasant rump patches to tie some octopus patterns for lough trout here in ireland. However i will never get through all those feathers. I was hoping someone could give me some examples of other (uk) patterns that they could used for? Thank you very much. Kindest regards, Connor
  3. I know my request is probably out of the ordinary, but it would really mean the world to me to have more materials for fly tying. My specialty is the Spanish wet fly or Mosca de ahogada, now that I'm deployed I start acquiring knowledge about flyting but sometimes is overwhelming because here I had a few materials, and so many patterns that I want to tie but logically it's limited for the materials that I have available. Matter of fact today I Finnish the last piece of atron and and I improvise and pull the stuff from the old couch where we are doing guard and use the insides lol it works. The paycheck of a soldier is not so great. Lol but I love my job, I'm the only CBRN in my Battery at the moment. Sometimes it can be a little stressful due to the demanding work, inspections, and drills but having a fulfilling pastime really helps and in part is quite therapeutic as many of you probably know. Recently 4 start general Austin gift me a coin to show me his appreciation for a good job and hard work ethic. Thank you for considering my request. We have a APO address so is like send something to any state of US even if we are in other countries. You are free to ask anything, please don't hesitate and let me know. I would love to send you a letter as well giving you the proper appreciation for being such a great supporter with your donation. Thank you in advance for your consideration. PFC David Ortega Air Defense Artillery
  4. So there I was, wondering what to do with those other pheasant feathers, you know; the ones other than the tail. I also got to use some variant hen neck. I'm thinking scuplins, shiners, and shad might be covered by this group.
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