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Found 4 results

  1. I just started fly tying last month and started with the suggested patterns, one being the woolly bugger. I fished some that I tied a few weeks ago at my favorite kettle pond. Every dozen or so casts I'll pull the fly in to check it and noticed that my leader was twisted. I've never have this problem before and thought it was strange. So this past weekend I went out again but put on a new leader with the same woolly bugger. Son of a... the leader was twisting again. So this BH woolly bugger must be doing some serious barrel rolling the entire time I'm stripping it in. Can't imagine a trout is going to go for a baitfish doing that haha. Anyone experience or heard of a similar issue? Is it the way I've tied the fly? I can't imagine my cast would cause this twist. I followed Tim Flaggers BH woolly bugger recipe on YouTube. I don't know much about fly tying yet, so I can really troubleshoot what I've done wrong. If it's nice next weekend I'll have to drag it through the water at my feet to see if I can see anything obvious. Any help would be appreciate. Thanks!
  2. After making a few tying videos, I felt like I had to go back to the basics with a simple bugger. Enjoy and as always, thanks for watching!
  3. I`m sure many of you cringed at the title of this post. And yet ANOTHER woolly bugger focused article.. and right after someone ranted about them being so intolerable. A bad time to have invested blogging efforts into that dang woolly bugger I certainly didn`t re-invent the wheel here, but I did collect some ideas and concepts about the woolly bugger that can be translated to many other fly patterns. I post this here looking for criticism and feedback. I wanted to add some beginner content to my page, and still plan to add a few more of the `basic` patterns. If anyone has the time, I would appreciate a comment or two about my video. I am not looking to teach basic terms or material types, just offer tying tips that might make life easier for the person starting out. Did I get to technical? It's hard to tell without feedback. Otherwise, take a quick look as there are neat ideas and variations about the woolly bugger. I tried to make it interesting. If you would like to contribute to the blog or tell the blog what you really thing, please add a comment on the post. Positive or negative, the banter is always fun. https://tieflycast.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/the-woolly-bugger-keep-it-interesting/
  4. Hi, I'm a new to fly tying. My vice arrived yesterday and I've bruised the bandwidth watching youtube. Here is my first fly, a black woolly bugger. I've done a mashup of tightlinevideo, david mcphail and intheriffle's techniques. ANY and ALL advice and criticism would be much appreciated. I've been watching this site for sometime (while I plucked up the courage to invest in the vice) and I know there are lots of helpful, experience people out there. Thanks.
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