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  1. Thanks. Yeah it is, there's a crawlspace under there. Going to get heat put out there so I had to give the plumbers access.
  2. I got two Pflueger Medalists off ebay last week, a 1495 and 1494. Got them in the other night and started to switch to LHW and do a little servicing to them. I got the 1495 for $17 and 1494 for $27-ish, both in decent condition. I went this route because it was cheaper than a spare spool. I also got the 1494 for the 3-weight I am on the prowl for... Anyone got a Superfine Glass they want to part with? Also got the floor laid on the sunporch I've been renovating for almost a year. Just have to finish the trimming up, putting my desk out there and I'll have a permanent place to keep my fly tying gear setup. Really excited for that!
  3. I have several turkey squads in my neighborhood, doesn't help my neighbor feeds the darn things. I can usually find a few wing feathers dropped around the neighborhood throughout the year, good enough for some muddler minnows.
  4. This video shows exactly what people think they see when they watch us. It's scary accurate. But in all seriousness and like other have said, I find typically it's because they don't see it often or they want to see you catch something. To the untrained eye, fly casting could be seen as unnecessary hard work or a thing of beauty. I usually don't mind, but I will never forget the guy who parked his truck 15' directly behind me to watch.
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone. I was reading about damsels, that they crawl into the shallows and up grass to emerge and dry off. I'm assuming that means I should tie my damsels hook point up? Flicted - I'm on Cape Cod, MA - didn't know bass would go after small nymphs. During the summer, I like to go to the kettle ponds for smallmouth (mostly) or panfish. What size dropper would you suggest for SMB? mikechell - That panfish attractor is sweet. Looks like a bonefish pattern with a little extra flash. RickZieger - I saw a damsel tied the way you suggest and it's on my to-do list.
  6. Hey guys, just wanted your opinions on these questions relating to stillwater fishing. 1. Favorite damsel nymph and damsel fly pattern. 2. Wading back to the car after sunset, I noticed small fry jumping out of the shallow knee high water. I thought at first maybe they were jumping to get away from something, but now I wonder if they were jumping after insects? 3. Fishing dragonflies/hoppers. Is there success in fishing them in the middle of the pond, away from the weeds and grass. Would you use a dropper? And if so, what would you use that is not a midge/nymph. 4. Should I get a 3wt for panfishing around grass line with small drys? I use my 5wt and it does fine, but think a softer rod would give me a better presentation at short distances, and the 3wt would make 6" pumpkinseeds more fun. I'll accept any other stillwater talk as it's all I do. Hope to fish some streams someday, but I have no say in how my vacation days are used... Thanks in advance.
  7. Wheres the red tag hoppers at?!?
  8. Would these kind of flies work for trout in stillwater? Or is it more of a swinging wet fly kind of deal?
  9. I like that foam caddis. I'll be tying up a bunch of those in varying colors! I'm working on my Zonker. This one's a size 6. I wanted something with a little less flash on the body. Using cream dubbing with some prism dub mixed in worked well. I think I'll add some orange and used a barred zonker strip next time for a perch imitation.
  10. Modified Bluegill Spider size 10 Firehole stick Lead wraps Brown chenille Arizona simi seal Black rubber legs
  11. Thats crazy. I googled it and didnt see any. I dont know how to use a computer I guess
  12. I've never seen one so I challenge someone to make an articulated crease fly.
  13. Cant wait to see this vise. Like others, I think building the vise for a particular purpose while also keeping it SUPER clean and simple with high quality materials and craftsmanship will do more than adding every feature possible. Good luck with it!
  14. I'd give up burgers and shakes if that was my reward!
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