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Fly Tying

Fishable realistic patterns

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How about this fishing realistic Artic Shrimp.

Hook: Size 6 salmon single

Therad: Fire orange 6/0 uni thread

Whiskers: White horse hair coloured red with black tips

Mouth Parts: Red golden pheasant body feather

Eyes: Black beads mounted on melted mono

Underbody: Lead wire

Hackle: One turn of purple and the body of tapering orange hackel

Body: Orange seals fur

Back: Orange ethafoam cut simicircular

Backflash: Strip of wide pearl mirage

Rib: 8lb mono

Back protecter: Clear body strech

Stomach and Pancrease: Two black dots of varnish on the back

Tail: Yellow golden pheasant body feather tied through the eye of the hooka>IPB ImageIPB Image

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Emerging mayfly nymf


Hook: Partride flashpoint size 16

Thread: Uni 12/0

Tails: Golden pheasant tail fibers

Underbody: Foam and dubbing

Abdomen: VN Nymf skin natural coloured with brown marker and golden markers

Thorax: VN Nymf skin

Legs: Golden pheasant tail fibers

Wingpost: Yellow foam

Hackle: brown or grizzly


I posted this one in the Coldwater forum but I think it might fit in here aswell.


Golleee, that pattern is awesome.


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