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Fly Tying
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Circus Peanut

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My first thought was about the river current turning the blade in a deep hole on any river. The huge smallmouth that lives there has no fear until it's Too Late.

Question: I'm trying to visualize what are the steps for wrapping the junction cover?


You tie the rear hook fly leaving a wire tag and excess material...


Then is the wire connected to the front hook (eyes already secured and anchored in the vise) to hold it taught when you complete the wraps?


Then you complete the front hook?


Reducing my learning curve :P

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actually....I tie the rear section (spinner blade optional......but if you add one then tie it on using nylon coated wire and twist it. once it's twisted lay it on the shank and secure with many wraps of thread....I usually secure more with super glue.....finish the rear section and tie off.)

to connect the rear to the front.....i use another piece of coated wire......lay it along the far side of the shank(Leave room to tie in the eyes) and secure with thread, then place the rear section onto the open end of the wire, and then bend the wire along the near side of the shank (forming a loop at the bend of the hook)....secure with more thread and superglue.....and complete the rest of the fly......let me know if this makes any sense

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