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  1. Glad to have someone else tying them up Murray! First thing I would say is that you will want to pick up some duck quills to learn how to collapse a wing. They are much more consistent and easy to tie in as compared to turkey. When you say the wings split apart I assume you mean the wing fibers are not staying married? If that is the case then you may be using the wrong part of the feather which will cause you nightmares! When you look at the back of the feather you will see a glossy strip up either side of the stem and that glosssy section is not usable for winging as there are no barbs so they will not hold together. The part of the feather you need is outside of that glossy are to the tips. Hope that helps some. If you make it down to the Somerset show I will have my stuff along and can show you some tricks.
  2. I was sorry to hear about Fred's passing. He was truly a character and a very generous man. And man was that van a moving fly shop...I sat there for an hour and could not name a material he couldn't produce in multiple colors on the spot.
  3. Thanks guys. I think with decent thread control it is easier to tie good looking little flies since it is harder to spot your mistakes
  4. If I have to use floats in any situation then they are the ones I use Scudder, and while I would disagree that there is 'no' change....it is certainly no worse than any twist on or yarn indicators. I have found, assuming you are using the right size, that it is a more sensitive indicator than most.
  5. Just down the road a bit! What I was referring to was this: say I wanted to see something that RexHunt posted, or see all his flies. It is much easier to go to the database and sort the search by RexHunt flies rather than have to go to all RexHunt posts and flip through them to find what I am looking for. In my mind just an easier way to catalog flies.
  6. With the hook used on the Irresistible body I would be worried about the hook gap...I would use a little wider gap and trin the harin down a little more. Foam strip bodies also work fairly well and provide a good splat when hitting the surface. Personally I tie mine with a dubbed body treated with WaterShed and do not have problems.
  7. Yet another winner from you! The Greenwell's Glory and the Feted Green fish extremely well on the swing in the weeks leading up to a Hendrickson emergence
  8. Just to add to what the others said...adding patterns rather than just a picture makes it much easier to pull patterns by tier rather than have to dig through all old posts.
  9. extremely skilled tie! In a one-fly with rising fish around...this would be the fly to have.
  10. Haven't posted for a while so I figured I would throw these up after tying them tonight...a male and a female size 24 Trico spinner. Tied up a whole mess of them..a little cross-eyed now
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Redwings1: Trico Spinners
  12. The others have given you sound advice on what to bring. Coming from me it sounds a little comical, since I bring everything up to and including the kitchen sink, but pick a pattern or small set of patterns and bring just that stuff. Makes packing, unpacking, and decisions much easier. Here's two things I would add: 1. TALK and explain...in painstaking detail. You can almost go stream of conscience. Never assume the person in front of you knows what you are doing or why...get them involved. The person sitting next to you may know your schpeal by heart after a show, but the person in front of you has not heard it and deserves to get all they can from the show. 2. Something I heard from Ted Patlen during my first trip to Somerset.."Don't worry about it. The 'famous' guys put their pants on one leg at a time too". I have met and tied with a lot of famous guys, and there are very few that are anything shy of extremely gracious. In an industry where much is predicated on reputation and everyone knows everyone, the guys at the 'top' got there by in part by being knowledgeable, fun, and approachable. Most of all...HAVE FUN!
  13. I have used 'premium hand tied flies' as a tag line on my site since day one simply as an accurate descriptor. Of course I'm not selling mine for $9.99 a dozen either... Perhaps 'locally tied flies' conveys something else, but I would be shocked if it helped sales at all.
  14. Consider it bookmarked Dave!!
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