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Fly Tying

Which vise do you prefer?

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Just curious about this. I do not see an ultimate enhanced Barracuda model on the Dyna-King site. I do see it at JStockard...and it is almost 400 dollars. I just wonder if the vise is that much better. I tie on a HMH Spartan, but wondered what the ultimate vise would be. Sadly there are no shops nearby to try out.

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I admit being a fly tying vise junkie.


Have owned most of the popular high end brands over the years and settled on two == Renzetti and DynaKing.


Large hooks = DynaKing, the sloted jaws are excellent and cannot be equaled for hook holding.


Medium to small hooks = Renzetti,,,, most comfortable and versitile vise on the market.


Tiny midge hooks = Renzetti,,,, three jaw vise or today's Presentation 3000 with optional midge jaws.


Many other brands are fine tools however, the clamping is not very secure.




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