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  1. I'm thinkin' Chicago style deep dish pizza. Pepperoni, keep it simple. All other pizza falls short of it in my honest opinion. Chicago dogs are the best too.
  2. Size 10 and a heavy 12 oughta do it.
  3. the bush is a Red Twig Dogwood. The Native American tries used to used them because of the straight nature of the branches.
  4. There's nothing better than a nice piece of velco on a stick. Mmmmm.
  5. Scooch everything up just a but; you're proportions are a bit off. You can accomplish this by not leaving as much room for the heam, making a longer abdomen, a shorter and fatter thorax, and smaller head. Looks good though! No reason to be disappointed with it.
  6. I second this. TFO rods are great and there's never anything to be disappointed about.
  7. think about the commercial fly tyer tying thse flies. he has an order for lets say 30 dozen of these flies. is this tyer going to sit down and pull apart a few strands of this color poly yarn and mix it with that color poly yarn so he can do these fly bodies. i dont think so. he is going to look for the easiest and least time consuming method to tie these flies. time = money in his pocket. If we're talking strictly about the allotment of time, then a thread body would be the easiest, least time consuming method of making a body that gives excellent results (I can vouch). Also, the passive aggressiveness in this thread is almost unbearable.
  8. Dyna King pride! I bought the HMH Standard before I bought the Pro but got fed up with it. Couldn't tighten the jaws without the entire vise head moving, the hooks would constantly slip if you didn't over tighten the jaw pressure, the set screw doesn't set... just a myriad of problems I had. But I do think HMH is the best looking vise out there.
  9. To fish, it's gotta be Bethke's Pink Squirrel. To tie, it's hand's down the Copper John.
  10. If you buy materials for your flies at a retail price, then the selling price of you flies will be exceedingly larger than that of fly shop or online vendors. I'm talking like $2.25 per. I wouldn't sell them for anything less in order to make the labor worth it. BUT if you buy materials at wholesale then you'd have to calculate your expenses vs. desired earnings and then price accordingly. I tied up around ~250 flies for someone about 2 years ago. I got (I think) $350 for it??? All in all, I wouldn't do it again for that kind of profit margin. So now I just tie for me, myself, and I and for anyone who says please.
  11. For me, I prefer Tully's 10% Kona Blend... black of course.
  12. Wow this is really cool stuff! Admirable dedication. Is this going to be salt or freshwater? P.S. I, too, think black coffee is the only way to drink it.
  13. I would definitely tie more than just 1 of each... more like 15-20 of each especially if I am just learning a pattern. Come to think of it... I don't even think I know of 104 patterns to tie off the top of my head. Shit, I actually fish only like 12 different patterns.
  14. What's wrong with both? I think knowing where the fish are and having a deadly fly make for a good day of fishing...
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