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  1. Winter is high volume time supplying a few shops and private regular clients. I have used an old tin cookie box that is low and wide, easy to dump. Can just clip and drop. Magnets attach to the sides for easy holding of flies, tweezers hang nicely on the side. There is also a fine tooth comb hot glued to the inside edge for easy cleaning of deer hair etc.
  2. Emerging BWO, #18 Tail: Moose Body hair Body: Stripped Peacock Wing: computer Foam Thorax: Olive flash and Beaver dubbing with guard hairs
  3. Salmon fly, #8 Tail: Moose Body hair Body: Foam Extended Rib: Fly line Backing Wing: Raffia backed with Hockey tape then scored Legs: Sili legs Sighter: Macrome
  4. Grey Drake, #14 Tail: Moose Body hair Body: Deer hair Wing Post: Deer Hair Hackle: Grizzly
  5. Been tying on my Law Vice for 19 years, Still like new. Wonderful vice over designed in every aspect. Tie on it because I love tying and it makes it a joy. I have worn out vices but not this one.
  6. For natural materials Beaver is great.
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