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Highland Trout Swap

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All Swap Rules Apply


This swap is about the high elevation trout streams and lakes full of native, wild and stocked trout. Due date is December 12 it will be open to 12 tiers plus me.


1. BegginerFlyTyer

2. Knightstalker straight scud

3. Bluegill576 copper John

4. ikerajala Hare's Ear Nymph Recieved

5. Shadowfly

6. Famill00 Brassie Recieved

7. fishingbobnelson Sierra Bright Dot

8. BBBruce77 Peacock Soft Hackle

9. Olefish Orange?




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I heard old rattlers slow down in cold weather. :rolleyes:

I'll join with some Dark Lords.



Too funny! The way I look at it is my supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable size :lol:

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Flies are in the mail. This fly has an unusually long tail for a reason. I use this fly as a dropper and when it hits any cross currents or slight drag occurs the tail becomes quite animated thus making it , the tail, a primary trigger of this fly.

On another note I would gladly photograph and post all the flies after the swap has concluded.


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