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Fly Tying

Bluegill flies and jigs

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That is a fine mess of fish, they look even better after being introduced to some hot oil! Crappie is an all-time favorite, however, we eat a lot of shell cracker and brim in the summer. We walk down to our friends house, drink beer and toss worms under a cork off of her dock.


Fly fishing here is fantastic and after taking a couple of years off from freshwater will be doing a lot more this summer…Our saltwater is is going to be in the toilet for a while, might as well take advantage of the large amount of food being flushed into the lake.


Panfish and bass polooza!


I'm with Ditz

"mmm mmm mmm.....I seldom keep fish anymore but that does look yummy. The only thing better than a bunch of gill and crappy is a plate full of walleye
edit: I need to add yellow perch and speckled trout." I ate walleye in upstate New York…Heaven on a plate!

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Apologies to the originator of this thread but...


I remember as a kid eating come 'channel cat' out of the Susquehanna River and thinking it was delicious! Haven't had catfish since I don't think. Again. apologies to turn this thread in this directions but...


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