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  1. Got my flies off this morning.
  2. "I was sitting here, at the desk in the hotel, and this bug landed on the lamp shade !!!" Mike, I think you are spending too much time in hotel rooms!!!
  3. Mothballs under the tree skirt are supposed to keep cats out of the christmas tree, also. Works fairly well, but not perfect with our cats.
  4. I'm in with some bluegill deer hair bugs.
  5. Mine arrived today, it is the second present under the tree. I put my wife's present under first to prevent any unpleasant comments.
  6. Sent my flies and box in today. Thanks for hosting, vicrider
  7. Mine finally came in and I am very impressed by the ties in the swap. Thanks to PJ2 for having the swap and for the extra flies.
  8. The only place I know of with the complete series is the book "Trout" by Ray Bergman. it even has color paintings of each fly. You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
  9. Got some flies in my box today, and they look like great trout flies, but how would I know if they actually work or not? Will just have to take you guys word for it that trout will take them. I know the bluegill will. This has been a good swap to be in, and I'm glad that a "bluegill" guy won it. I am surprised that the infamous "beginner's luck" didn't get me any higher.
  10. Don't know how well this would do in a trout stream, but I know it will take gills all day long. I ;have heard trout fishers say that bluegill will bite on trout flies, and I think that also means that trout will bite on bluegill flies. Use some floatant on it of a morning, and fish it around overhanging trees and emerging weeds works quite well. Later in the day, some split shot on the leader will get it down to the deeper fish. At whatever depth it is fished, the fish that sees it will bite on it.
  11. I carved them out of balsa. Actually pretty quick if you use a really sharp knife.
  12. I use one of the little round steel bowls with a magnet on the bottom. It will sit on the base just fine, and can be set aside when not in use. It will also keep other small parts, such as beads and eyes, handy while tying. And a real plus for me is that it is hard to tip over when it is stuck to the base. Those beads can hide anywhere on my table!
  13. I've been reading all this talk from you guys that you are going to win this. I will let you know now that you don't have a chance. Since I have never actually fished for trout (I only have warm water around here), I will win with the unbeatable advantage of having beginner's luck.
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