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Fly Tying
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Some redfish ties .....

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There was no fishing this weekend due to high winds, so I spent time at the vice. Working on redfish fly patterns, and this is what I've come up with so far ....

First, slightly modified Clousers in copper and gold, tied on a size 4 jig hook ....


Next, a crab fly made from EP-Streamer Brush w/Tarantula legs ...


Next, some Supreme Hair Shrimps with mods. I am using a jig hook, but setting it hook-up. You might be able to see it; there is a rattle attached to the underside of the fly ....


Some Kwan/Toad-style ties; also on jig hooks, also with a rattle underneath. I probably will go back and add eyes to these guys .....


And finally, an all-rabbit bunny fly that hopefully will have a minnow/shrimp look when wet .... this one hook rides down, Owner Mosquito #1, and added a wire weedguard.


I'll tie up some additional stuff in black, and these will be the primary styles and colors when hunting reds in the Fall/Winter ....


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Nice. Really digging those shrimp.


How did you attach the rattle to the toads?


Just used the light-based epoxy stuff and glued directly in-line to the hook shank. The shrimp rattles were done with thread and then a little glue ....




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These have been good to me in Lousiana, they have to be big according to my guide. Always need a Crease Fly with a rattle for topwater action.




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