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  1. Pseudo hair and various E.P. Brushes.
  2. Might actually get to fish the salt this year!
  3. Some catches from the past couple of weeks (bonus Tamiami canal sunset)
  4. "Aha! It's a bite! And it's a whopper!" That is a great find! I'd fish it!
  5. That bare spot on the kitchen table where I knocked over the head cement. Brass, tungsten beads that escape. Fastest things on the planet once they hit the floor. Fishing for hours without a hit and missing the only strike that happens because you're daydreaming. Litter.
  6. Look fishy! Flatsroamer has those things dialed in. Is he still active here? I haven't been around.
  7. Digging the new barbless series of hooks from Green Caddis Outfitters. Recently, I've earned ten bucks in rewards, and received ten bucks for submitting a fly chosen for the blog. If only they offered salt water hooks, they'd have a 100% of my business. Great job! \
  8. There is no reason why that won't work. Nice one!
  9. Not the most ideal conditions, lately. All three of these guys were a surprise. 2wt and a wooly bugger.
  10. This is probably the best tutorial I've seen for this fly! Great job! Gonna have to tie up some of these.
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