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Had a "meet and greet" the other day of local forum members on the M'sipi Coast. I gave everybody couple "fiber shrimp" to field test. Anxious to hear back. They get to fish lots more than me. Need to restock some...used 5 mm glass rattles, 2/0 serious teeth. The water has cooled way down winter pattern specks, reds up the bays and rivers. HotDamn! Charlie managed a double of rats on a popper/dropper.



Thought I put a step by step on here somewhere?


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All I got....


I shortened the originals after missed strikes. The tarpon at BahaiHonda refused it. Lost one on the strike with big cockroach. What was happening on the take they are folding over and fibers hang on hook. I shortened them and resin the head all the way to the hook bend making them work better. Takes about 15-20 minutes to tie cuz waiting on UV to stop tacking up. They are simple really. Tie on the rattle, Academy, top middle of hook, UV it, tie on legs fore and aft, tie on the eyes, tie lil orange for the gut first. Lay the fibers on and 5-6 wraps and whip, Krazyglue. Turn it around in vice tie the tail by wrapping and UV it so no knot to fuss with. Twist tail right and flare it then UV the flare. Trim tail and horn on head. Use brush and Solarez the head and fibers well back some, harden. Sharpie the segments. The melted mono, glass bead eyes made up ahead of time and UV again when torching the head to guarantee.


Fiber shrimp



















Goggled "supreme fiber shrimp how too" but I don't dub the bottom or leave loose fibers out the back. No rattle either. Microskiff site may be better way for some



Here's the one I went buy but leave the dubbing off soaks up resin kills the hook bite


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Thanks! I have been trying to find a crustacean pattern that doesn't have a million parts or steps. It could also be a crawdad with just a little modification.

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