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Fly Tying
Mark Knapp

What do you do with your fish?

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I stopped wet wading because of ticks. I always wear my waders now for extra tick protection. I also enjoy the diversity of fishing in SE Pa and could not imagine having to limit myself to one type of fishing or, god forbid, having to focus on trout. You forgot we have the worlds best shad and striper run and a great walleye fishery right at our doorstep.

I really want to learn about shad fishing. I read about Conowingo and have talked to folks who go there, they describe it as sort of shoulder-to-shoulder when the run is happening. I'd rather probably get to the Delaware or the Schuylkill but I haven't devoted the time to learn. I want to catch a few just because I never have- My issue with SE Pa isn't the lack of fishing - it's the crowds biggrin.png

Depends where and when you go. I haven't heard of too many folks fishing for shad in the Schuylkill. They've been stocking fingerling shad for several years, not sure they're still doing it, but apparently there is a run starting to appear. Both major dams, Fairmount and Flatrock have fish ladders and cameras to watch what's heading upstream. The Delaware would be the best spot to learn, and as Poopdeck pointed out the best way to fish for them is from a boat above Scudder's Falls all the way up to Hancock though the Trenton area will produce them. If you really want to fly fish for them would be Hancock and above and the East and West Branches, that's usually in mid to late May. They've even been known to take dry flies.


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What does marlin look like on the plate? My wife enjoys a firm, white flesh, mild taste fish. Such was served to her recently on holiday and called marlin. I think it was a language/translation problem and thought marlin would be more like tuna with more filleting involved?

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