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  1. Nowhere does it say the spouse of the late husband is female.
  2. I am curious as to why everyone is assuming she lost the rod & reel.
  3. WJG

    An anniversary

    May 1 will be 5 years tobacco free for me. I can't say smoke free.
  4. We have provincial and federal wardens here. Different jurisdictions but many overlaps. Lately some of the Provincial are carrying sidearms and humping body armour. (Mostly cop wantabe's) I am all for more enforcement of the rules, but some of the young bucks are too full of themselves. Over the years, complaining about not being approached on the stream, I have learned that officers see me much more often than I see them.
  5. We call them corksuckers.
  6. I was in the grade 8 rifle club. On Wednesdays we would take our .22 rifles and a box of ammo to school on the bus and store them in our locker until last period for a drive to the local indoor range with a weird geography teacher/club leader. Mostly Browning and Winchester bolt actions as I remember. They do it differently today.
  7. For these little buck bugs I do use buck tail. They are packed fairly dense and trimmed small. Hair tips and butts never make it to the final product. Notice how the underside is trimmed closer to the hook shank as not to crowd the point or lessen the gape too much.
  8. I like the more subtle green, but the trout and salmon seem to like the bright chartreuse green better. Red or red and chartreuse tags help. This isn't my tie, but an example of how I do tie them. Hackle facing fore or aft doesn't seem to matter for me. I use brown or orange hackle and also try brown or black deer hair. I pack them fairly dense and fish it wet. For fun with dries look into bombers or even better "Carter's bug" tied ala Bryant Freeman. (Just learned some bad news looking up the spelling of Bryant's name. He is no more. I was looking forward to seeing him again at an annual sportsman show. He will be missed by many.)
  9. The green eyes freak me out. But I like it! Add a second knot to your legs and see if it helps. Thanks
  10. That engine block is older than the nearby trees. Mother doesn't take that long to reclaim the natural areas. I once found a big cathode tube type TV about 1/2 mile from the nearest dirt road or snowmobile trail in the woods. Looked newer than the one in my living room then.
  11. Love it! We call them Green Machines. Red and Chartreuse tag with brown hackle is killer for fall trout, steelhead and salmon here.
  12. Sad health news to hear George. 3 years off the streams is indeed a long time. Never say never. Happy New Year to you also.
  13. Oh, how we laughed. Caught our breath, then looked at each other and laughed again! 😉 You're a brave man. I think you have the direction you want to go already. Let it develop and morph it a system that works for you. Don't use permanent labels or stickers yet. Drop a tag into the compartment if you need labels for now. I would suggest buying 4 times the amount of storage boxes you think you will need. If this works out, the boxes you are accustomed to may not be available when you need more.
  14. For me, late in the season, a #12 Green machine without tail works for big brookies, steelhead and salmon.
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