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  1. Philly

    Lock down

    It could be arthritis. My hands are definitely arthritic. Recently, I was diagnosed with, what the doctor I've been seeing for therapy for possible carpal tunnel syndrome, called "trigger finger" on my right hand. Fortunately, it's not my real trigger finger. The finger bends and locks..and I have to push it back into position. It's a bit painful but bearable and annoying. There is what appears to be a callous on the palm of my hand below the finger caused by the muscle contraction. He did give me an exercise to do that stretches the muscles which has helped. The other options, which I'm not even considering at this point, are an injection or surgery. Try the potassium and see if that works, and check if and see if you have what looks like a callus on the palms of your hands. If the potassium doesn't work, get it checked out.
  2. I've placed three orders on line so far. All three told me what was on out of stock or on backordered. I had the option of removing it from my order or leaving it on backorder. I just left them on back order. I just got one of the backorders this week. What was interesting that one of the companies suggested I use UPS rather than USPS for shipping. I chose UPS and got the order in three days. I'm placing another order either tonight or tomorrow, but not fly fishing. There have been a lot of out of stock or backordered items on the websites. In the past I've had the two fly fishing sites call me if an item went out of stock after I placed my order. No real complaints on the service.
  3. I store mine in the plastic boxes with the spool holders. I can get two spools on each post. Since Hobby Lobby is fairly new in the area, I most likely picked mine up at either Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics.
  4. I know there are gar around here but they're not very common, or at least I haven't seen or caught very many over the years. If we did catch one it was usually on minnows and they weren't very big. It was a different story when I was in NW Tennessee. They were all over the place, but we didn't fish for them. Most times we'd set up on the bank and plink at them with .22's, some of my friends would go after them with bow and arrow. I knew some Canadians who lived in southern Ontario, who would fly fish for them and they used rope flies. They did a video on how to catch them. Now a days, around here, you're more likely to catch a snakehead in the places gar would hang out.
  5. I just finished up tying up my frogs I plan to use for bass, chain pickerel and possibly pike. The first batch, I posted a year or two ago. The larger ones I scrapped. They were just to bulky for my 8 wgt, plus they always landed upside down. The smaller ones landed upside down most of the time. I took out my only plastic frog from my dark side box, and discovered that it was weighted in the back. So I inserted some worm weights in the back of the smaller ones, hopefully that will offset the weight of the hooks and they'll land hook up and be weedless. Hook - Gamakatsu double hook, size 1/0, attached to 40 mm Big Game shank. Body - two pieces of 6 mm foam(white, yellow, chartreuse) glued together. Hook and shank are sandwiched between the pieces. ` Thread - White, Big Fly Legs - Spinner bait skirt layers Eyes- 8.5 mm Living Eyes Colors- Permanent Markers These are another re-do. I stumbled on the "Gutless Frog" last year on another board and tied up a dozen. I tied them on 3/0 hooks and glued the body together. They turn out to be to large for the Ontario smallmouth and body didn't slide down to expose the hook point. I tied these smaller, and in an oval(?) shape with plenty of space for the body to slide down. The one change I made is I didn't add front legs. None of the plastic, soft body frogs, that are fished by dark side bass anglers have front legs. Which makes sense, since when a frog is swimming the front legs are pressed against the sides. Hook - Ahrex Trout Predator Long, size 1/0 Body - 5 mm wide, strip of 6 mm craft foam(yellow, white or chartreuse) Thread - White, yellow, chartreuse, Big Fly Legs - Spinner bait skirt layers Eyes- 6 mm Living Eyes Colors- Permanent Markers Here's a larger version tied on an Ahrex PR378 GB Swimbait hook(a worm hook) size 2/0, only tied two up if they work I'll tie a couple more. Same materials as the "Gutless Frog". Only change, instead of the ends pointed out, I glued them to the sides, giving it more of a frog head. The last of the frogs. These came out of one those, "Why did I buy this material" When Dragon Tails first came out I brought a couple of packs, one large one small. Didn't particularly care for the fly that I tied with one. So they've been gathering dust. I was sitting at my tying desk after consuming some vodka looking at them. They sort of had a frog shape to them. "Let's see what I can come up with". Here they are. Hook -Ahrex Trout Predator Light, size 1 Body/legs - Front third of a large Dragon or the front third of two small dragon tails Thread - White, yellow, chartreuse, Big Fly Tail/feet - pieces of a brush I brought but never used Head - 40 mm piece of 7/16 inch foam cylinder Eyes- 8.5 mm Living Eyes Colors- Permanent Markers Where did I put that vodka?
  6. One of the adds for it says it's made out of nylon. Not sure I've seen any thing like it in the craft stores, unless it's in the materials(cloth) section. I'll have to check it out. I have a few pieces of it in white but I've never used it tying flies.
  7. I use the TMC 2488 for small dries, midges mainly, and for all my caddis patterns. It has an extra wide gape/gap, but not near as drastic as the Fire Hole Hook.
  8. Just a follow-up to my post where I mentioned I'd like to go back to Guam and give fly fishing another shot now that I sort of know what I'm doing. Can't tell you exactly where, but it was on the Philippine Sea side and twenty years ago. I still have and use the rod in the picture. A Cabela's 4 piece 8 wgt travel rod.
  9. I have/had some Sabiki rigs. I'll have to see if I can find them. They'd probably make a decent panfish fly. As far as gummi minnows go. I've tried them, but not with a lot of success, in fresh water. Plus the material can be a PITA to work with. Now a question about working with real fish skin. I brought an eel skin from a European tyer associated with the [email protected] list many years ago at the NJ Fly Tying Symposium. It's been sitting in one of my materials drawers gathering dust. It can be softened and made pliable by soaking in water. I thinking of turning it into something like pork rinds. Any suggestions on how to preserve it and keep it soft once I cut it into strips. Probably could make something similar to the Sabiki rigs, also.
  10. Just finished up some bass flies. They are hybrid of three different patterns I tie. I just tied these eight up, if they work I'll tie some more. Hook - Ahrex Trout Predator Long Size 1/0 Thread - White or Yellow Tail - Zonker Strip Body - Estaz twisted with either Saddle Hackle or Schlappen Thorax(?) - Half a spinner bait skirt Head - Stonfo Soft Heads #2 Eyes - Fish Skull Living Eyes, 7 mm
  11. Utyer, may be right. I can't remember if the Battenkill I had the Orvis logo on handle side of the reel, but it was 5/6. There is a Scientific Angler 4/5/6 reel on e-bay that looks like a match for the spool you have.
  12. Mark, it sort of looks like a spool my old Orvis Battenkill reels I had.., but I don't have the reels or a picture of one to confirm it. I do remember that the 5 wgt reel had 4,5,6 on the inside of the spool.
  13. Well, I've been going there for 30 years, so I would say Lady Evelyn Lake, in NE Ontario. It's wilderness with the comforts of home. I get to sleep in a bed at night, the cabin has indoor plumbing, my breakfast and dinner are in the lodge. They pack me a lunch. Provide a boat and gas. All I have to do is bring my gear. It's a mixed fishing trip. I fly fish about 70% of the time. There's nothing like a big smallmouth or pike on a fly rod. The walleye not so much. I didn't find out till I was past the point of wanting to hike up to some of the smaller lakes around the main lake, but I could have fished for both rainbows and brookies up to 6 pounds. On the exotic side, I think I'd like to go back to Guam. I made several trips there for work, and brought a fly rod on a couple of them. It was when I was learning to fish salt water and I really didn't know what I was doing. Still I managed to catch a couple of small groupers, and harass the large needle fish that wouldn't look at my fly. Somewhere I have a picture of me fly fishing, but I'd have to find it and scan it to post it. It was taken with a camera that actually used film.
  14. Welcome, I do most of my fishing in the 5 county Philadelphia area. I've been to the Susquehanna a couple of times. I'll add a third to Kim's suggestion to get involved in fly swaps. Sitting down and tying a dozen or so flies will help your tying along.
  15. Now I know why I don't do woven flies. Mine would look like the originals. I wonder if the fat one is supposed to a dragonfly nymph. If weren't for the color the second one a hellgrammite?
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