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  1. Be very very careful when opening a power supply and don't even think about it if you don't know what you are doing. I have seen power supply capacitors hold a charge for months. I do know what I'm doing and I will not open a psu.
  2. Ribs1

    Trout Unlimited

    As with any large club there are always very good chapters and not so good. Some of the chapters here in Michigan (and there are many) get a lot of good stuff done. Some of the other chapters? Well, not so much. But they are good at raising money.
  3. I say go for it. You probably won't make a lot of money but you could make a few bucks if you produce the film yourself. You can also get DVD's copied for cheap. You don't need to do them 1 by 1 on your home computer. I have a client who has a production DVD burner that can do 10 at a time and produce about 100 every 20 minutes. If you can find someone who has one that would work great.
  4. Will, The Huron River Fly Fishing Club is looking to raise funds to implement a project to post catch and release signs along the Huron River. The Michigan DNR has designated a 12 mile stretch of our river as catch and release only but they have not posted signs and do not have funds to do so. The DNR has given us permission to post the signs if we can raise the money ourselves. We have raised some money with our recent symposium http://www.huronflyfishing.com/symposium We need to raise more money to fully implement our plan. After we have posted the signs, our next project will be to get the catch and release section expanded and possibly certain sections designated as flies only. This could be a unique opportunity. The Huron River is the only warm water river in Michigan with a designated catch and release section and one of very few in the country. Catch and release and flies only designations are usually reserved for trout streams. Other than our symposium flier we do not have a website. We do have a forum. http://www.pinckneymich.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=18 also http://www.pinckneymich.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=2 If you would like more information please contact our Secretary, John Zolan. I can give you his contact info. Were are affiliated with the FFF Thanks
  5. I have hatches off my wader boots weeks after the last time they were in the river.
  6. We have a new fly shop in the Ann Arbor area. Leroy fly tying. Derek Leroy can order any wapsi products for you. Tell him I sent you. Thanks Paul Christensen Check out his website. It's still a pretty new site so if there's anything you can't find, give him a call. www.leroyflytying.com
  7. I used to be really skinny.
  8. Ribs1

    Best place to live?

    That's great if you are independently wealthy or already employed, but if you can't find a job in your chosen field of employment.... You don't need to be independently wealthy to live in Mid Michigan. Also towns like Midland are booming compared to Detroit and Flint.
  9. Ribs1

    Best place to live?

    Mid Michigan. So much variety.
  10. Ribs1


    It's the best possible strategy if you are a seller. I made a living selling stuff on Ebay for over a year and I started all my auctions at $1 no matter what I expected to get for the item. I consistently got better prices than most other sellers that way. The more bidders the better.
  11. Ribs1


    You've never seen an auction before? Most auctions sell for higher than the initial bid.
  12. Here ya go http://www.furtail.com/servlet/the-FURTAIL...l/48/Categories
  13. Anybody who plans to come to our event, please pm or email your buddies. Especially buddies who may be within Driving distance. We are looking to have a great turnout to support our cause. All proceeds go to the posting of signs marking the catch and release section of the Huron River. For anybody who is interested in tying at this event please call Derek Leroy. His contact info is on the flyer. Our table space is nearly full but they are 8 foot tables and we could I believe we could share tables or make room. Derek would know for sure. Thanks
  14. Hey Guys, Our club is having a fly tying symposium on February 23rd. The proceeds of this event will benefit posting catch and release signs along the Huron River. The Michigan DNR has designated a portion of our river as catch and release only but does not have the funds to post signs. Our club has received approval to post the signs but we need to raise money to do so. If you are anywhere near South Eastern Michigan during this time please consider attending our Symposium. It should be lots of fun. Check out the flyer www.huronflyfishing.com/symposium.html Thanks Paul Christensen
  15. Also Agreed. Get a Dyna-King. I don't even own one but lots of my buddies do. Chris Helm also uses Dyna King. I don't think you could break one if you tried.
  16. I also use 3366 hooks for clousers. I have them all the way down to size 12.
  17. Also, Forget the kits. Also forget tying flies to save money. Most people who tie flies don't save money unless they fish a lot or guide and tie a lot of flies buying materials in bulk. Even if you do get costs down, it takes years to start saving money because of the initial investement.
  18. I love carp fishing, but carp are an nonindigenous species that destroys the habitat of, and competes for the forage of native fish. No, I don't throw them on the bank to die, but I have a hell of a garden. Any indigenous species gets returned to the water, a little tired, but otherwise unmolested. Brown trout are also nonindigenous species. They destroy the habitat of and compete with brook trout, grayling, and other species depending on where they are. In fact, brown trout were introduced to this country later than common carp (cyprinus carpio). On another note, I appreciate anyone who uses their catch. I absolutely cannot stand anyone who throws a fish of any species up on the bank for it to die. If you decide to kill a fish it is only respectful to use the fish in some way and carp do make good fertilizer.
  19. Yes. I would say our carp here are different. I caught this big boy on the flats of Grand Traverse Bay in Michigan. this was by far the strongest and toughest fish I have ever landed anywhere and I have landed a 5 foot black tip shark, 30 pound Jack Crevalle and an 8 pound bonefish. None of these fish put me in danger of getting spooled. This carp did and that's a Ross Canyon #5 with 250 yards of gel spun backing. This guy was 30# I get most of my carp in the bay on crayfish patterns. Sometimes I use clouser minnows in crayfish colors like brown/orange. We usually fish the larger patterns here like #2 and #4 In the river I catch carp on mulberry patterns.
  20. My favorite flies would be a Gartside Sparrow in about a size 10 for those bluegills. Maybe size 8.
  21. Have a look at Jack Gartside's website. www.jackgartside.com Jack is the worlds foremost expert on using ringneck pheasant feathers for fly tying. Jack uses every single feather that a pheasant grows to tie his flies. Also check out this article that Jack wrote. http://www.jackgartside.com/art_pheasant_feathers.htm This should get you started.
  22. Nope, It's not an adams. The original Adams was much like the Adams today. Grizzly hackle tips for the wings, muskrat fur body. The original Adams had golden pheasant tippet for the tail. The Adams was developed for the Boardman which flows through Traverse City. This fly was developed in Grayling and originally fished on the Au Sable and the Manistee.
  23. I had so much fun with the last one that I had to do it again. Can you tell I'm getting cabin fever? Clues 1. Another Michigan pattern 2. Not originated by Earl Madsen This one is much more common.
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