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  1. Prior to my injury I was working on some new popper colors. By the way I am still injured and cant work....been two months and no fishing or tying. Specifically I have been working on a white and black popper. Here in Maryland during the summer months we get a crazy white fly hatch. The smallies go crazy over them. Here are the two different versions. Which one do you like?
  2. Hello, Does anyone know of a fly shop in Las Vegas? I am coming out there in a few weeks for business and would like to visit one. Thanks.
  3. Many thanks man. I owe you an email. Will try soon.
  4. Here is a Fish Foolin' Frog in size 8. I love this pattern. Killer for the smallies and panfish.
  5. Yes I have caught red eyed rocks, warmouth, panfish, and bass with it.
  6. I would second this. I changed mine up a bit though. Shortened the hook, changed the placement of the legs and cut the wing longer which aids in diving. Still like crack though. You have to beat them off with a stick sometimes. What is a Breambuster Predator fly and how do you tie it? Coinman66, Breamnbuster is a member on the forum. The predator was designed and refined by Skip Morris and Chris Helm. I cant remember what it calls for now. I can give you the material list for mine. I call mine a Persuader. Here is the list for mine: Hook: Mustad 3366 size 10 Eyes: Mono Tail: Krystal Flash Body: Ice Dubbing and 2mm Foam Legs: Round rubber You will tie in the eyes first directly behind the eye of the hook. Once secure, tie in the flash directly behind the eyes. Next comes the foam. Again, tie that in behind the eyes and work back to the bend of the hook securing it down well. From the bend of the hook, add the dubbing and advance to the front. Here is where I differ from the Predator (at least one of the differences). I move the thread and dubbing to the half way point of the hook and tie in the round rubber. For the Predator you will advance all the up the shank of the hook and tie in the rubber legs behind and over the eyes. Your call. For me, after the legs are tied in, I dub over the thread and advance again to right behind the eyes. I then pull the foam over and secure it behind the eyes. Advance your thread forward to in front of the eyes. Now secure the foam there with several wraps. Move the thread back to behind the eyes and pull the foam back securing it there. Cut a V in the foam for the wing. Does that help? A very old one of mine to kind of give you a rough idea of what it looks like.
  7. I would second this. I changed mine up a bit though. Shortened the hook, changed the placement of the legs and cut the wing longer which aids in diving. Still like crack though. You have to beat them off with a stick sometimes.
  8. Thanks all. I haven't had a chance to fish these yet so I can't tell you how heavy they are. Putting them on, they didn't seem to be much different then say bead chain eyes. Only time will tell I suppose as its 31 degree here right now with 22 mph winds for a grand total of 18 degree.
  9. Man it has been a while since I posted here. I have been busy cranking out poppers. I took a break the other night and started playing around with some Fish Skulls I picked up a while back. I have been working on a small bait fish pattern for some time now but could never get it just right. After cruising around the internet in my quest to find something to tie with them, I remembered my pattern. So I tied another up and added the skull. I have to say, I really dig it. I am now playing with color combos. They are tied on a size 8 3xl hook. I can't wait to fish these and see how they do!
  10. Terry it has been so long that I cant remember what kind of cichlid he was. He was a mean little SOB though
  11. Steve, I had some cichlids as well before. I had one for more than 6 years. He was such a mean little...well you know. He killed everything a put in the tank with him including other cichlids. He finally got his way, I gave up, and he got a whole 29g tank to him until he died. Boy was he an @$$.
  12. salt tanks are pretty cool. We have a 20 gallon tank that is salt. You can watch those things for hours, there are always things that you didn't notice before, and one good thing about salt is that everything is living, the rocks have coral on them and the sand has all kinds of things in it. Also I think the fish are prettier. Yea I have a cole tang, blennies, and a dottyback. I have some corals, a brittle star, hermits, emerald crabs, 4 kinds of snails and 4 peppermint shrimp. It is a ball to watch them all and I see something new and different everytime.
  13. Very nice man. You need to come to the dark side and go with the salt. I have a 46g bow front reef and I love it. I could sit in front of that thing for hours!
  14. I have used the squirrel tail for tails on my poppers. You could also use it for patterns such as the Megan's Minnow. It would probably work for some type of baitfish pattern as long as you were putting epoxy over it
  15. I use calf tail as well as squirrel tail for my size 8 and 10 poppers. I also didnt like the look of the hackle for the tails. Might try it though on some of the bigger poppers, say size 4.
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