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  1. Looks like a lethal weapon to me, and a pretty one at that my friend Stunning fly...
  2. Gorgeous tie Ray, I love the colour combo, it's spot on. The dyed peacock herl and honey dun hackle are a perfect combo...
  3. Wicked tying as always buddy, perfect proprtions/material choices, a beautiful softie. I've never heard of the sulky tinsel, I'm going to have to try some...
  4. Great looking tie as always Dave. I haven't seen you here for a while, you've been missed. K
  5. Hey Buddy, Cool emerger, I like the short cdc wonderwings, very nice It's good to see you posting again, I'm going to have to get my act together and do the same. This year I think we'll both be suffering from cabin fever
  6. Wow, it's never taken this long for my flies to arrive before. I hope the postal services phaven't decided to keep them. They were posted ages ago...
  7. Good to hear from you Troutguy I'd love to hear how you get on in Montana? Tight lines mate...
  8. Cheers Paul, Glad you like em, and thanks for the invite buddy
  9. Hi All, Thought I'd post my swap flies for the invitational dubbing swap. Horseshoes kindly sent me my choice of dubbing and I thought I'd experiment a bit You can view my dubbing choice on this link it was 'Hare Mix': Horseshoes dubbing link It's a very fine long fibred dubbing that has a nice translucent sheen and quality to it. It dubbs beautifully and is easy to blend. For the dry I decided to roll a traditional bubbing noodle, tied in at the rear and wound forward to get a thin segmented body. I had some fun playing around with nymphs and decided to do a lightly weighted fly. It's a simple nymph: Tail = Squirrel tail Thread = Uni 8/0 gray Abdomen/Weight = Fine copper wire/Hare mix dubbing (Take small wisps of dubbing and dub directly onto the wire, wrap forward to thorax starting point and secure. Tease dubbing out with dubbing brush) Thorax = Thinly dubbed noodle of SLF prism which is then dubbed over with wisps of Hare Mix Dubbing. It's interesting to see how well the copper wire shows through the dubbing when wet. Enjoy Karsten Dry version of Nymph Wet version of Nymph
  10. Thanks for your concern horseshoes, we've stayed out of harms way way so far it's a bit close for comfort though, hopefully they manage to get it under control soon. I'll let you know as soon as my fluff arrives
  11. Funny you should mention that, yep I did inspect and was half expecting some kind of secret/hidden compartment in an overly fat fly box. No cigar, the man is the real deal, he had clear plastic boxes with dry flies only I can't be one hundred percent certain as a frisk search between two guys in the woods could have been misconstrued Paul & Carl- glad the link worked fine, I'm sure you'll appreciate some of the patterns/techniques as much as I did. Good to hear that the Aussie fuzzle bugs have been working a treat, I'll give you a hoi when I get home Carl. Until then I'll see you around on the FTF buddy
  12. Carl & Paul - I just remembered an old delicious bookmark I had, put up by Terje ages ago. It has vids of staffan in action tying some cool patterns. I hope the link still works couldn't test it on my iPad as it doesn't play flash movies From memory it worked best on a firefox browser, ie clipped certain bits/hid menus. If I remember correctly there was a toggle at the bottom right between Varflue (Caddis flies) & Dognflue (Mayflies), let me know if it works for you? Enjoy Staffan Lindstrom tying vid link
  13. Thanks guys it's good to be posting again. Terje - thanks for adding the photo of the beaver passing by, how cool was that day We certainly did make up for the lack of action by casting lots of different fly rods, eating well and just soaking in the scenery. Thanks again mate I'm glad you. added Staffan's version, the wing on my fly looks a bit anemic at the tie in point. Carl & Paul - the fly is an easy tie, it looks very ordinary right up until the end. 1. Dub body with favorite dry fly dubbing from rear to about 3/4 mark on the shank. Egg spot/hot spot is optional. 2. Select a generous length of polyarn (enough to para post) tie it in like you would on an elk wing Caddis. 3. Trim stubs and cover with thread. Take tying thread BEHIND the post once or twice. 4. Tie in an oversized hackle behind the wing pointing to the rear of the hook. The longer the better, Caddis have long legs. 5. Dubb a thin noodle of dubbing, cover the thread wraps at the head ending with the thread dangling at the eye. 6. Hold the post with one hand and take 3-5 turns of hackle around the very bottom of the post. Tie last turn off at the eye and whip finish 7. Cut a small speck off a hot melt glue, stick it on a pin/dubbing needle, hold over a lighter flame until it melts. Quickly position the blob of glue at the base of the wing in the middle of the fly hackle-refer to the photos of the flies. Moisten your thumb and finger, press/squeeze the drop of hot glue down. Presto you've transformed what looked like an ordinary fly up until this very last move into one hell of a Caddis 8. Trim the wing make sure not to cut it too short. Leave a generous length pointing past the hook. I'll see if I can do an sbs when/if I get a laptop... Terje would be the man for the sbs, he might do one when his winter hits?
  14. Hi All, It's been a while since I posted on the forum, life's been getting in the way. I moved to London for 6 months and recently took the chance to catch up with my good friend Terje in Norway. I had a fantastic time hanging out with Terje, Norway is stunning and his Rena River is beautiful. The river was tough to say the least, conditions were stacked against us but we managed to subdue a few browns I caught my first one on a Rena Caddis, I couldn't think of a more appropriate pattern I decided to tie one up to share tonight. I had to sub the poly yarn wing with possum tail. I don't have my usual photo/lighting setup (traveling light). So this was a bit of a test run using a flash, some refelectors and foil. I think the result is ok, maybe I can tweak things a bit more, doing all this on an iPad is painful... Last but not least a photo of one of our evening sessions on the Rena, waiting for the Caddis pupa to start doing their thing. Enjoy Karsten
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