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  1. Ok. I mailed it a few days ago. Crossing my fingers. Thanks a lot fishybob. Wow! What a difference in the postage. Oh well if this is a standard fishybob swap the flies will be worth it.
  2. Yup, I'm your elf. Hey fishyBob Thanks. I have returned. Doing a lake caddis. I'll have to get back to you on the size after I find where I put my hooks.
  3. Well, breambuster aren't you good for the soul. Yes I closed up the shop. The market was saturated. I've been selling off by request to my friends. I was doing flies on request, mostly salmon (fishing not classic) for friends. Apparently they attract the eye of many. Haven't been on because my fly tying was packed away while doing renos and well I sort of forgot to make space for it. lol. You know how you get a huge selction of flies, more than you can use in a life time. I get the itch once in awhile. I do miss the swaps. I have a fabulous collection of quality flies from you and many more members from around the world. I will in the future get it together and start again. My books sit on the shelf torturing me. lol. Stay safe.
  4. HI, It has been awhile. I like the no clutter, clean lines in the look of the new site. Can't really comment on the behavior since I have not used it too much yet. My following/friends list is empty. Is the pattern database no longer? I can't seem to find it. But hey, it could be me. I'll take it for a spin.
  5. Bream I hope your retirement brings back your youth.
  6. Got mine on Monday. Fabulous as usual. Thanks bream for hosting.
  7. Packaging them up. Take to the PO over the weekend. I didn't clip the gnats. I know people like different variations so they are doing the 360. I love these gnats for the simple reason that I have found that if fishing and need a skeeter or the likes I just clip the hackle till the profile fits the fly I forgot to bring. Lol
  8. Griffith's gnat. I love those little buggers. I'm in.
  9. I got them! Thanks for the fabulous fly mix and box carpflyguy. Here's hoping there will be enough water to fish in this spring. Vic, wholehearted thanks for your efforts once again. Just leaving them open and feasting on them awhile. Happy New Years everyone.
  10. I'm glad they arrived on time. Thanks for thinking of me. As everyone knows life can get busy and you're lucky if you keep up one social site. Can't wait for santas gift. I always love the great quality flies from everyone.
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