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  1. Lynn - Great pics in what I would consider "accckkk!!!!!!!" conditions- white subject/snow/lots of sun on a clear day!!! #4 looks very nice , balanced/crisp and engaging . I get the sense the others have been "more" processed and in that pipeline have lost some snap/saturation and definition - though they are great behavioural images nonetheless. hope that helps cheers Will
  2. Winter is here - so I won't see open water again till late April/early May.. So the bugs in my tanks and playing at the vise has been the name of the game recently A Predacious Diving Beetle and an attempt at tying an Emerging Mayfly Will
  3. Fascinating images Jay:))) Keep up the creative play:)) Will
  4. I'm on a Nikon and use Raw exclusivly - for my own taste Capture NX outstrips all the other Raw convertors that can do Nikon .nef files. I finish them off in Picture Window Pro Image Editor which is fully 16 bit throughout so the output is very high quality. While PS is a tremendous prog it's very much overkill for many folks IMHO. I would tend to try doing conversions in the prog you have for a bit and get a handle on what you don't like about the workflow/output and then try some of the others so you have a better base for comparison. hope that helps Will
  5. Thanks for all the kind words- I'm glad you enjoyed the article and hopefully there was something in there usefull to your own fishing explorations. Will
  6. Thanks for the encouraging words folks - it really does mean a lot !!!!! Russ- LOL hmmms never thought of that:)) hmms wonder if they make waterproof printing paper - could save a lot of tying time:) Will
  7. Ty all I feel very honoured that Will #1 ( I'll be Will #2 )) chose to use the image and am looking forwrd to seeing the whole mag. looks like it will be a very valuable resource . I think Will #1 Mullis deserves all the major kudos we can pass his way!!!! for having the dedication/courage and passion to put this thing together , especially given the fact that the mag. industry is such a difficult arena these days. I really do hope folks support the mag. and we get to see many more:)) cheers Will
  8. Hi all Realized I have been absent a while , busy with holidays/renos/photography. Thought I'd share a few recent favs- and and most of my newer stuff is here since I've been concentrating on Entomology work if you care to peek- http://www.watersidemb.ca/phento1.html now I have to get caught up on all the posts !!!! Will
  9. Will Milne

    Ooo, a bug!

    Hi Maybe these recent pics I took will help There are a lot of variations in color/size depending upon what stage the adults are at. There are also a couple of different Hex species with variation between them. Male Hex Spinner- Female hex - and with a little transmitted light to accentuate the subtle colors- hope that helps Will
  10. I believe these are Heptageniidae ???? male and female . Two tails if that helps . Would love a positive ID if anyone has a suggestion .They have to be the prettiest mayflies I've seen in a while. The male- and the Female- cheers Will
  11. Glad you enjoyed the image- that one was approx 1 and 1/4 " long so yep a youngun. Will
  12. Hi Was out collecting on one of my local rivers and came across a lovely section of riffle/pool lined with dull orange stained rock/rubble/gravel. Probably not new to anyone else but me , but I was surprised that the P.dorsata or maybe P.pictetti nymphs were so heavily stained a lovely matching color, especially the gills. Wonder what other color variations there are to be found:) The quest begins. Will
  13. Congrats on the mag publication- methinks we have to address you as Mr Jay sir now:))) Great to see some well done warmwater FF'ing images , I abandoned trout fishing some time ago for the sheer all out simple fun of chasing everything else:) to bad it still seems a bit undersubscribed/marginal in the mags given the fact it is available to most everyone everywhere. Will
  14. Great looking light in the pair image:)) Nicely done Will
  15. Hi Was out collecting and caught a couple of these- Hemiptera-Belostomatidae( I think:)) - Giant Water Bug I've seen them here up to 3" long this one is a baby at around 1"- close up crop of the "beak" a sheathed impaling spine:)))))) and in different light- I'm soooooooo!!!!!!!!!! done swimming in that lake:)) Will
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