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  1. Well i just decided to go to a longer hook shank and its been working pretty good
  2. Isnt it the one that you can tie a egg pattern on... If so I havent had a probably with them in size 8... Since I do use Dai Riki 135. i think it is the same hook... But ya I hook a chinook on one and it didnt even break... or bend and it was a 30 pounder too..
  3. I've been tying since the weekend that my grandfather passed away.... September 10th 2007 was when he did and that was a monday so..... the 15th of september... and Ive gone from to AND
  4. So when Im Palmering Marabou... there is only one problem I have.... When done the marabou goes well past the bend of the hook. What could I do to prevent this Thanks Greg
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by greg: Mr. Buggy
  6. Try Mcflyfoam....it is alot easier instead of yarn
  7. Ok i got a questions.... Living in Oregon could i do the Great Lakes Salmon/steelhead??? What if we dont tie nymphs!???!?!?!?! Could we like substitute for something else??? and what is classified as Free Style for steelhead and salmon??
  8. thanks for the site i didnt see it earlier.... that really helps... i like that mcfoam.... it is the shiznit....
  9. Ya what i was asking is how you guys tie on a marabou tail when you use a rabbit fur body? if that makes sense
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by greg: The Rotten Carrot
  11. I dont know how to get yarn on the bottom of the glo bug.... any advice and how do you guys put a marabou tail on when you are using bunny fur?? thanks Greg
  12. I personally dont have a ride... but ya i went to a local fly shop yesterday and started tying yesterday too... My first was pretty good here are some pics: Best one: First One: Then Two Pics of all of them:
  13. Does anyone tie jigs????
  14. Hey all Im new here from southern Oregon..... Im getting some stuff to tie jigs and was browsing online for a forum exactly like this one Thanks Greg
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