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  1. Are you fishing for any particular species in particular?
  2. Wow. You can judge a rod without even casting it? You must be pretty good.
  3. Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout by Bob Linsenman and Kelly Galloup is your bible, http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Streamers-Trophy-Trout-Techniques/dp/0881504661
  4. I both wax and tape the ferrules on my two-handed rods before using them. Doesn't have anything to do with keeping them from coming apart, though. Helps prevent any of the individual sections from twisting. If you tape, or wax, or both, you'll still want to check that each segment is still properly aligned with the rest every now and then.
  5. I'm sorry, but who is anyone on this forum to say a product is overpriced? We're not talking about chinese-made fly rods that see an insane markup, we're talking about a U.S. made product that I don't believe sees much markup at all. Sometimes, stuff just costs more to make, plain and simple. Just because you want something to be less expensive, doesn't mean its overpriced. The problem here, in my opinion, is that the owner of Clear Cure Goo probably fell for the illusion that the people who were bashing his product actually know what they're talking about- like so many others on these forums. Had he known these guys spend more time on the internet talking about fly tying and fishing than actually doing them, he would have disregarded their statements for the pure BS they are. We used to have a very solid core group of guys on this forum who would have called these guys out on their ongoing douchebaggery long before it came to something like this, unfortunately for us, they spend more time actually fishing and tying these days.
  6. spammed by a bait fisherman. man, thats awful.
  7. As far as wordpress goes, a person who wants a blog has three options. One, get a wordpress.com hosted blog. pros: free hosting cons: you have limited access to themes, and if you want access to others you have to pay for them. you have to pay for plugins, you have to pay for domain name use, you don't get full control of everything, some plugins and themes aren't available period Two, get a wordpress.org hosted blog pros: you have complete and unlimited ability to do anything you have the technical know how to do at your blog cons: you need technical know how, you have to pay for hosting, you have to rely on support forums for help Three, get a flyaddicts hosted blog pros: free hosting, free domain name use, free help and tech support, you're part of a fly fishing and fly tying blog network which will increase your blog's traffic (and if you didn't want people to read, you wouldn't be writing it), access to any theme or plugin you can find (wordpress has a theme library and a plugin library), you cal also have your blog's RSS feed included in the FTF hatches forum- so whenever you publish a new post it shows up here in the hatches forum on ftf. cons: there is only one con, and that is you aren't able to directly edit your site's html or php. This is more of a safety feature than anything as it prevents Will from having to worry about hackers, etc. If you want any of these types of edits made, you just let us know and we take care of it for you- so really, this is a pro, cause you don't have to deal with that stuff. to get a blog at FA, just go there, create an account, and let Will know you want a blog, he or myself will set it up for you, so all you have to worry about is creating content.
  8. yes, and if you're having any problems, Will or myself is glad to help- another bonus you don't get with a blogger hosted site- free tech support. As far as the admin interface goes, it is very intuitive once you figure out what all of the buttons do. Personally, I could care less if anyone uses it or not. Neither Will or myself make any money from it, its just a fun side project. But for what its worth, there is a reason the blog writers who have been around a while use wordpress. Its like using photoshop instead of MS paint.
  9. are you talking about the themes or the admin panel?
  10. why aren't you guys using FlyAddicts to host your blogs? 1) it is owned and operated by the same person who runs this forum 2) it is powered by wordpress, which is like a gazillion times better than blogger/blogspot 3) You have access to thousands of free themes and wordpress plugins which allow you to do all sorts of cool stuff 3) you can use your own domain (www.yourdomain.com) if you want, or just use flyaddicts.com/yourblogname 4) you're part of a network of other fly fishing and fly tying blogs, and a facebook-like social network, which will drive more traffic to your site 5) if you already started a blog somewhere else, you can import it over to flyaddicts in about 2 minutes 6) all of these services are completely free (unless you choose to buy a domain name) http://www.flyaddicts.com
  11. damsel patterns work great for panfish and even a few incidental largemouth on a small pond I regularly fish.
  12. I paid $3 or $4 for a matarelli style whip finisher like 6 years ago, rotary version. I can't see this being a case of you get what you pay for.
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