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  1. Aside from early junk vises, I have tried and liked a Regal which I wore out over time; an HMH Spartan which was very good and robust; and a Nor-Vise. The progression has been towards a rotary function and a full range of jaw sizes/types. The Nor-Vise filled all those needs but the fussiness of the spool filling and use became a pain. I duck really high dollar gear and am now using a Peak with all the trimmings. I like it fine but find that changing hook sizes in the jaws requires more fiddling for a tight grip than I like.
  2. I am under the impression that flymphs have soft hackles wound in fairly open turns over the thorax.?
  3. flytire. That is a nasty pattern that will drive steelhead nuts. Very nice work with the pheasant tail. It isn't easy to get it that slim and beautifully proportioned. I have tried similar ties many times w/o anywhere near your end achievement ! Do you use cement/super glue under the body segments for durability?
  4. Carp! Trout will go nuts over them.
  5. Steve, The reel on the rod with the nice smallmouth above looks a lot like an Orvis Hydra large arbor reel. I just found that my size III in that model perfectly matches the 10' 3wt you built for me.
  6. Magnifiers will help but really small flies and finest tippets are still a challenge. And hand wobble is a factor -- especially when they are rising all around you and that second morning coffee kicks in.
  7. Don't fish them around pickerel w/o a bite tip! They will shear through most mono/fluoro easily.
  8. Glad to se e1 June coming! The May Flies heading has irked -- not irritated -- me for a month. Mayflies again!
  9. Rocco

    Bunny feet

    Ouch, $10.00 per foot! Add that to what they get for the tanned hide and that makes those snow shoes cash machines. And no really bright colors. Now if you know a trapper in their range or can hunt there yourself...
  10. Back when I was 'belly boating' in the local lake, I had several big ones stick their prehistoric heads out of the water and hiss at me. No charge, just a territorial warning or a courting gesture -- never knew which.
  11. You got a nicer pelt than you would have from a ground hog shot with a high velocity varmint round.
  12. A light coat of hardened Loon clear finish protects my soft hackle tying thread bodies from teeth and fading, and does not yellow over time. Non- traditional to be sure but the trout don't see to mind at all.
  13. I'm curious. Why not here? There are other salt water flies on display. I was not aware that there is fresh, cold, water only criteria.
  14. SBPATT, That Michigan Jingler is the first fly pattern that ever took my fancy @ 65 years ago in Griswolds, a Detroit sporting goods store. It was tied with a thicker body, shorter hook, and even more heavily hackled but the rest identical. I can still see it to this day. It was billed a "Michigan Caddis" for night brown trout fishing.
  15. Neat concept. Has a lot of prospects in Atlantic salmon. steelhead dry fly situations. Did you tie the wing in first and leave it leaning to the front. Then tie in your tail, body material, and trude-style wing before sweeping the guard hair hackles back and propping them up?
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