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  1. Hello Kevan from Frisco, How close are you to the Moosejaw? And what is the favorite hole within 30 minutes drive of the MooseJaw. That answer will help swing my vote. Yep, I heard at the shop the snow is coming. Cheers, Futzer. And Hey Day5, Genius, ok I give you that one, but the first word I thought was savant. :-)
  2. Well, if you are going Hollywood, maybe Strike, Pool, Eddy, Drift or Pond. More down to earth, Lee, Cane, or Gilley. What ever you come up with congratulations, Jeff.
  3. Is the Yellow body material furry foam or Chenille, try a yellow closed cell foam. I would offer to tie one and send, but I do not have any bench time in the future. Cheers, Futzer.
  4. Hi Ridley, as excited as you sounded, I figured you were hand delivering with the Lear. :-) Cheers, Futzer.
  5. Hi Rocky, thank you for the dedication to tying history and for sharing, top notch!, Cheers, Jeff.
  6. Welcome Ed, Maybe Ridley could smuggle a cheese steak of support. I would love to see any pics of your excusions. Have never been there, but Ireland and Scotland are on my list to visit. Cheers, Futzer.
  7. Dave, If you share all your secret holes, I am willing to learn. Nice thoughts, Cheers, Futzer.
  8. Well played Frank, if I may, I use saddle or two neck hackles to eliminate the short hackle coning in the front. I also might pluck the one white calf hair that is blunt ended. I use Griffs thick as a last head coat to give it the rocket nose cone head smoothness. I have tied thousands of the Royal Wulff's and it is a very very good Western form one. Cheers, Futzer.
  9. Hi Chucking, I might call them a Jar Jar Binks, Cheers, Futzer.
  10. Congrats, Rstout. and everyone, great tying. Cheers, Jeff aka Futzer.
  11. Hi Rich, I have tied small as small can be for a long time, have been tying 41 yrs. but I can't remember exactly when I went small. The first shop I got excited about was Jim Poor's Anglers All in Littleton, Colorado. Jim tied small, even to 22s. :-). We used nylon thread back then and talk about breakage. So, enjoy it, and as always if you have questions we can figure em out. Cheers, Futzer.
  12. Great Photo, and coloration, nice and buggy. Cheers, Futzer.
  13. Hi Old Hat, Excellent tie, perfect colors, great driftwood and photo. Proper sized fly head. I hear good things from the fall run this year. Any stories? Cheers, Jeff.
  14. Hi Seadog, Often it will consist mostly of cotton, so it will absorb water, which will be fine for nymphs. I like the sparkle qualities of synthetic dubbing for my bugs. Also often a mix of long fibers and short ones, which dryer lint is more evenly sized. That said, there is no rules against dryer dubbing. Have fun, Cheers, Futzer.
  15. Hey Mike, If you and Ibian do find anything, I could use some Chupacabra wings. Cheers, Jeff.
  16. Beautiful work Fred, particularly on the underside. Cheers, Jeff.
  17. Nice Fly Deeky, One tip; clip the ends of the tail flash at 45°, more flashy goodness. Cheers, Jeff.
  18. thingamaboobies :bugeyes: Well Dave, I could not help it, and forum please forgive me, but What size rod are you using? Cheers, Jeff
  19. Yes Rawdawg, that is a bright green Chicken neck. Flip it over and out of the package take a photo. Mostly Streamers will come out of it, but I would like to see the finer small feathers closer to the neck area. Cheers, Jeff.
  20. Matt, It is starring at me, and I may not be able to sleep now, it's starring. Like that insurance googley eyed, money thing. Creepy starring. And it smells like MSG a bit. Joking, Nice bug, Cheers, Futzer.
  21. I am with Old Hat, I really try to lose the scent. With nymphs I usually rub them with under water moss. My dries are not rubbed but tied as scentless as possible and usually the tippet gets a little pine tree needle rub over. That said, I have accidentally scented a few flies with spilled beer while floating. I do liberally wash my hands with mud, and lots of fish slime in a dignified and acceptable release fashion. Cheers, Futzer 10 years ago, I would have gotten all uppity and called you a bait fisherman, since then I have calmed down.
  22. Hi Greg, I know a good architect, so start with a room, say 15' X 15'. But seriously, I am in the same boat, big plastic bins and zip lock bags. Piles on the bench. If you do come up with something, I am sure I will be impressed. Cheers, Jeff.
  23. Black bead head baetis nymph Red Copper John Red and crystal candy cane midge Ice station zebra midge Size 12 black stone fly Cheers, Futzer.
  24. To Dezod, excellent work, this was a lot of fun. To everyone that tied, nicely done! Good Luck! Cheers, Futzer.
  25. Is that your new Dynaking I spy? Nice bug, Cheers, Futzer.
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