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  1. Why not a slotted tungsten bead?
  2. I bought and have read the Beatty's book on weaving. I found several of the description hard to follow. An extra photo or two would have helped in these cases. If you are really interested in a particular weave I recommend you search on it and compare writeups with those of the Beatty's. There are generally better ones out there. One of the Beatty's writeups, the Houdini Weave, just starts wrong. so definitely search for the originator's videos.
  3. Really like those biot body nymphs.
  4. Looks like a combo of a Pheasant Tail and Hare's Ear Nymph, two famous "parents".
  5. In the recent Winter 2023 issue, David Klausmeyer announced in his lead editorial that he is retiring and no longer will be the editor. Has anyone information on who will be taking over? Also, opinions on changes that should be made are welcomed. Mine opinion is that the magazine became a bit clubby in recent years with many of the same old authors. I'd like to see a focus on a few totally new contributors every issue. If you follow this Forum and the UK Forum, you know they are out there.
  6. Nice. Over the years I've done very well with this pattern.
  7. I like the alternation of materials.
  8. Like the effect of the badger hackle rather than usually used grizzly.
  9. Thanks for the dragon fly info and fishing trip story. Brought back some memories. I've done 4 trips into Quetico, all before taking up fly fishing. Most memorable was a ten day trip in 1977 with my then 13 year old son. We took a float plane with canoe between pontoons from Ely to just outside northern border of the Park. Portaged, paddled and camped our way back to Ely. Remember always carefully reading maps to avoid getting lost.
  10. Any fishing results from your various patterns using killer bug yarn?
  11. Flies are beautiful. You mention a 2/0 hook on those pictured. How small have you made them?
  12. My experience also is that flies on the flybody hook look good but fish poorly.
  13. is this intended to be a panfish fly? Does the peacock sword show through on the belly?
  14. My dragons have a foam thorax cover so float in the film. I intend to cast one out, let sit or just quiver it. If wind is up I'll try to dap them. Won't have any real experience with what works until I fish them this Summer. The micro mop bodies, like all Mop bodies, are furled. So if you don't like or don't have some, any chenille can be furled to make a tail. I've used the micro mops because they are shiny and the production furling gives them a bit of a segmented appearance, So they look quite realistic.
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