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  1. I just want to give my thanks to the men and women that have served for our safety. I would also like to thank the men and women who are out there right now protecting us!!! Thank You.
  2. My first Elk Hair Caddis. Probably the 10th fly i tied.
  3. Wow you really must be out of the loop. Here is some reading material http://flyfishmagazine.blogspot.com/2011/02/hair-raising-grizzly-saddle-hackle.html http://www.anglingtrade.com/2011/02/22/hackle-hair-today-gone-tomorrow/ Basically women have been using really long saddle hackles in their hair for a style started by Steven Tyler.
  4. Wow got my Wax today and its some great stuff. Thanks for that Bruce very generous of you. I'll let you know how it works.
  5. 3366 in all types of sizes.
  6. Looks like a fantastic time! Pm sent.
  7. Fantastic work Terje! The body looks great!
  8. Put me in BB, i'll let you know a pattern tonight
  9. Wow this was an old thread. Thanks for bringing it back up though. I've gone back to putting my scissors down. I've noticed when i try to get into a more detail area and i might be close to the fly it gets a little dangerous.
  10. Nice poppers! Hope you post pics of how the frogs and mice turn out.
  11. Practice a lot with you're blood knots if you want to get them down. When i first started i hated blood knots because they were long, and all i used were surgeon knots. But i would just sit down with some mono, and just keep practicing and practicing your knots and they will become second nature.
  12. Oh man that's a great idea Deeky, wish i could join but i'm swamped with school work right now, and finals around that time. Maybe some other time!
  13. They have a Facebook page called "Finback Films". I dont know if you're a part of Facebook but im sure if you go over to their page and ask them where and when you can buy one.
  14. Love your dogs in the first picture.
  15. I saw the trailer a while back ago also, but never followed up on it. Have you tried their website?
  16. http://www.bearsden.com/product7908.html This what you looking for? I have not used them but they should work great.
  17. http://www.caddisflyshop.com/griff-s-thin-head-cement.html http://www.edgeangling.com/Griffin-Head-Cement-Thin.html Seems as if they still have it.
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