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  1. Yeah the carp might enjoy the purple/black combo.
  2. Nice ties Cream, wish i could tie nice deer heads.
  3. I don't know too much about safety and stuff but, if your not using a gun shouldn't you put the safety on?
  4. "He told us about Christ's disciples being fishermen, and we were left to assume, as my brother and I did, that all first-class fishermen on the Sea of Galilee were fly fishermen and that John, the favorite, was a dry-fly fisherman.” Looks good, you'll slay them.
  5. It always interested me. I wonder if they test it with some type of water or chemical. It's always befuddled me.
  6. I have a question about the lead. How do they find out if you are using a fly that has lead in it?
  7. Nope. It's alright to keep the post, your not going to clutter the forum. Also if you ever want to go back to it from some information then you can always go back.
  8. One of my biggest Bucket List Trips would to go around the United States, and even to different Countries fishing with the people that i have meet on this site. It would be cool to meet the people and fish with them.
  9. Well if you buy at the show then you won't have to pay shipping. I'm going to be picking up more at Somerset show.
  10. I know you probably don't want to hear this but. If you have any fly shops in the area i would highly suggest going to them. It would be nice to go and see how it's done and if their good people than they might even be able to help you set it up. That would be your best bet, because words can only explain so much, but watching someone do it helps a lot.
  11. Got em today. Now i just gotta wait until spring to slay the 'gills with these great flies. Thanks everyone, and thanks for hosting BB!
  12. That's perfect Steve!!!! I knew you could do it. Just stay strong brotha i know you can keep going.
  13. Hope to see you there NYflyguy
  14. I was just wondering if anyone is planning on going on going to Somerset for the fly fishing show?
  15. Those are great little flies.
  16. Evan, I've used foam cylinders for bream bugs and they work fine but I prefer the square faced ones like I have pictured, they "pop" better than the tiny round cylinders. The spider diver minnow dips down and if you give it short strips, you can keep it under. It does not have any built in wobble like a crank bait though but it is still effective and easy to tie. The hook is a Mustad 3366 #10 or #8. Just tie in a tail of hair or marabou or tuft of rabbit, wrap some cactus chenille around the shank, trip the top flat and stick the body on to the hook eye (after pre-poking a hole with a needle). Put some thick super glue or your favorite adhesive on top the flat top and hold the spider body down. No need to tie it, if stays just fine. Kirk Thanks a bunch Kirk.
  17. Kirk have you tried the Foam Cylinder bug for bluegill? Also, with the spider body bug, what hook are you using? Also how does it swim? Thanks.
  18. Once i get the hooks i ordered i'll have them out. I'm changing my fly to a fox squirrel Nymph
  19. Sorry for the delay everyone, for some reason i though the date was a little later. I'll have these out tomorrow Sorry! Can i have an addy BB.
  20. Thanks Steve, it was weird because it was only for this site. But i'll run the program and see what happens.
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