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  1. WOW great flies! I'll take about a dozen and let you know how they are.
  2. WOW great flies! I'll take about a dozen and let you know how they are.
  3. What do you use to tie this fly? plz answer cause i've been looking for a corn fly
  4. Looking at the fly, I agree that it is probably an egg yarn, but probably tied on to mono, or even glued on to mono and trimmed to the corn shape. Rainy is a genius at combining common techniques into distinctive flies (which can be commercially tied). IMO, this looks more like a fly to catch fishermen than fish. Carl this might look like it would catch the fishermans eye. well fishing with corn is a great way to catch trout, bluegill, carp, and a bunch of different type of fish. But some people say that canned corn can kill trout so a fly that looks something that looks like would probably work very well.
  5. Where do you get the foam disk from?
  6. WOW beautiful patterns there!
  7. great looking fly there. i will definitely be tying some of these up... Maybe use some rainbow flashabou for the belly.
  8. And how very right you are! To be honest, I was going on word of mouth. The real Murdich Minnow, as it was told to me was expensive to tie, so I wouldn't know otherwise. But I know ignorance is no exception... my apologies. They are quite expensive all you need is hooks, flashabou, bucktail, some eyes, estaz, and ice fur... I think the expensive was alright, because it catches me small mouths, large mouths, stripers, blues, pike, a lot of different fish and all that ties up about 25 or so. so to me it was well worth the expense.
  9. Beautiful fly, i gotta tie some up for bass and pike. Thanks for the great pattern.
  10. I use condor fly tying mainly because if you spend $50 over you get free priority shipping. they have a great selection fare well priced and the service is great. Also yes fly tyers dungeon has a website.
  11. Hey guys my dad and I were planning on taking a trip up to the Beaverkill River in june and july. So i was just wondering if anyone has fished it. If so what are the best flies there, i know i can just look look at a hatch chart but i like to hear from peoples real life experience. Thank you. Tight Lines, Evan
  12. Nice tie, i tie a Dragon fly with foam instead of deer hair. I use the needle method when i make my body. All i use is a size 8 scud hook, foam, dubbing for the body, mono eyes, and ice fur for the wings. The ice fur gives it a little flash from the wings.
  13. Yeah i also saw that pattern tied by Davie, i love his flies he makes such great videos. Thanks everyone i didnt think that this post would spark up such a big conversation with everyone, i saw many great patterns by everyone... But this weekend i need to run to the local fly shop or order some more materials im running low on some of the items.
  14. It looks like a Enrico Pulgisi Sparkle Brush, you can find them at www.condorflytying.com, give that a try.
  15. Okay, so you just lay the feather parallel with the hook shank and just tie down? that pattern looks easy enought and effective! so the rest of the materials are just Swiss straw, a wire to match body, maribou, and dubbing?
  16. wow everbody thanks for all the tips and patterns. flyfish dog- that's a great looking patterns his do you create the maribou legs? do you wrap the maribou around the hook?
  17. Hey there, i was focusing on fishing more small mouth this year and i know that you always needs one good crayfish pattern for smallies. So i was just wondering if any of you guys out there have a easy but killer crayfish pattern. Also any other small mouth patterns would also help.
  18. hey there i live in new jersey and the snow just started around 9 last night. So far we have 10 inches and are expecting another 8 or so. And hopefully we'll be off of school tomorrow also we had off today.
  19. from the looks of the picture you could do a thick dub of ice dub and then the tail is white and black maribou. then those maribou ends were pulled over the top and bottom of the body.
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