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  1. Hi Thanks for the pic no problem with the wait. I just got on havent been able to this week end was out of town. I will be trying my luck at some of this for sure. Thanks agian txflytier
  2. I really like the way the body looks. Great job
  3. Yea it was a very pretty and sometimes small it was hard at times to cast with my 9' 5wt but thanks for the barrel cast it was fun. The guy I was fishing with had a 4.5' or 5' 4wt and he was able to cast alittle better but for my first outing it didnt matter it was ablast. I will have to remenber that if I ever get back arround there. It was really pretty up there in the mountains Blue Ridge is a very cool place. The old town is very cool. txflytier
  4. GL I like tying them they are fun and easy ties. I have a few other colors I go with need to tie them up here soon.
  5. looks great i like how you did the belly on it. txflytier
  6. congrats on the story... it was great well done txflytier
  7. wow I am liking the tubes. they look great. i would have never thought about that befor.
  8. wow love your poppers lol that dont sound right but they are truly amazing.. txflytier
  9. looks great could you post a pic of the shape you cut the foam for them??
  10. yea that is what i was wanting to hear that is my first saltwater flies and the first shrimp pattern i have ever tied up. plzz let me know what i need to do to them to make them right.. dont hold back i can handle it ... no i havent fished them i live alittle way from any saltwater. about 6 hours away for me.. but plan on try it out this summer.. txflytier
  11. yes but never used one of the Henry Cowens Coyote flies befor. yes I have used them alot and they all have there days some better then others. the blades work too but maybe not producing more fish but helps them out in durty water help to get the fly noticed sometimes.
  12. just a few i tyed up about 6 months ago sorry it took so long to post all the pics but lost my sd card.
  13. cant shoot them take pic's of them. these were taken in blue ridge ga. boy feathers and more lol
  14. this is the river i got the little silver fish in..
  15. Hi all For those of you that were here when I went on my first trout fishing trip here or some pics. I was in Blue Ridge GA in July of 09.
  16. you can do some congo hair baitfish patterns, clousers i would say really any type of those should work out on those hooks. txflytier
  17. That is 100% Natural Lady Amherst back feathers they are located just below the neck feathers. here is a pic of one http://www.matoska.com/catgraph/4210-100-001b.jpg txflytier
  18. I posted a pic under the warmwater topics. it says my redfish fly txflytier
  19. thanks lan yea i bet i need to tie one up and see hat happens with the bass. chance
  20. Hi I am glad you like that is my first time tying for saltwater was alittle nervous about them. the tan is from FTD his shuck yarn comb out good. Chance
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