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  1. Got mine in the mail this morning. Ended up tying hollow deceivers.
  2. Feels like I havent been in a swap in forever. Im in
  3. Diver eating largemouth
  4. Nice to see my hair bugs being put to work.
  5. Got a couple good ones on my flies. First is a serious creek largemouth on your hair slider. Pretty rare to run into a largemouth this size on our Ozark creeks. Second is a a smallie on one of popper blanks you sent. The "Tag Team Popper" caught over half my fish on Tuesday.
  6. Smallmouth from a little Ozark creek
  7. Not what I was after but gar are always fun bycatch
  8. Thanks Mike for not only hosting but also tying the set I received. I fish for smallmouth at least twice a week all summer so theyll get plenty of use. Hopefully I can get some pics of them in smallie mouths this week.
  9. You can keep it. Ive got like ten more just like it. Plus I can get a new one for about two bucks.
  10. Got mine in the mail this morning. My flies are definitely more on the bass side of things but I did make sure to tie one panfish fly for each category. Also I tied an extra for each category so you can pick out three for yourself. -Mike
  11. It peeled out of the weeds and followed almost all the way to the boat before eating maybe ten feet out. Since I hooked it so close things went super smooth. I basically netted it two seconds after setting the hook then it immediately spit the hook in the net. Snapped a pic and let it go.
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