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  1. This one is stunning, a real work of art
  2. Thanks guys. I’m going to try the traditional feather wing next. Are there any conditions where the traditional hackle wing is preferable to the marabou wing?
  3. My first attempt at a traditional freshwater streamer. I like how it looks but am unsure on the proportions, particularly for the length and bushiness of the tail and beard. I made the wing slightly longer than the tail which seems about right. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Steve, you may want to try switching out the rear sights as well. I’ve gotten use to the Glock sights but much prefer the three dot sights on my Shield
  5. It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to get it. Thanks again for everything
  6. Now that’s a tight group! I shot with a red dot for the first time recently when a guy at the range let me shoot his AR pistol. Incredible how accurate you can be with those
  7. agn54

    Poor Mikey

    We don't do well when it hits below freezing down here. When we get passed socks and sandals weather, it's a state of emergency
  8. Got an incredible box of flies from Dan the Bugman. Thank you and thanks for hosting
  9. Thanks for the history behind these. I find them incredibly beautiful works of art. As for fishing, I’ve always wondered what are they supposed to emulate? Butterflies, or just something that looks like “food” like some attractor patterns?
  10. I got mine too, thanks for the extras and for hosting this every year
  11. The Maglula speed loader is worth the $28 (or so), especially if you are loading extended mags
  12. Mine are heading out this afternoon. Thanks for hosting again!
  13. What little bluegill fly fishing I've done, this one has been killer
  14. I missed last year, but not again. Put me in coach, I'm ready to play
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