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  1. thanks for being over there. it means alot to be in a free country. those flies look good, just think, if there is a lure in the water, there's hope!
  2. oh those are simple as pie. you have to give it a try, its fun and easy
  3. Loren, I definitely know how much a few kind, encouraging words help when you're just starting out. When I first joined in on these discussions here on FTF, I was not at all confident. Like you, I reluctantly posted some photos of a sowbug I tied and got nothing but friendly supportive comments. There are guys (and ladies, Claudia) who've gone out of their way to help me. They've encouraged me to get involved with swaps, which has pushed me to tie to the best of my ability. There are folks here (I'm sure you've seen their work) who are world-class tyers, and guys like you and me are lucky enough that most of them are ready and willing to share their knowledge and offer their encouragement. Now...about your last popper here. I think you're just showing off now. Just kidding. That is impressive. Like you said, I bet when you put the legs in the popper body, it'll look even better. You coated the head with epoxy, right? Looks like you might have a little sag. Try turning or rotating your vice half a turn every once in a while during the time the epoxy is curing. It should prevent that from happening. Have you caught any fish with all these poppers you've been tying? Mike Hey Mike, Thanks so much for all the nice comments. i used hot glue on the popper bodies which created the lump. i tried cutting it off with a razor blade but then i just though "whatever". i did not coat any of them with epoxy (i havent got to the hardware store) i just use about three coats of spray clear coat and then head cement over that. that solution seems to be working. Also, i havent learned to fly fish yet but i will as soon as possible. i was going to order a combo but they were out of stock. i tired using my spinning gear with the popper and i saw a few trailing it so that was cool. below i posted a pic of a fly i made a little while ago and i also posted all of them together. thank you Mike for all your comments, i really appreciate it and i hope you keep watching my progress. thank you much, Loren.
  4. bass pro chops carries quite a few poppers for bass and panfish, look at their selection http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/s...p;currentpage=1 but you gotta try tying your own. im a beginner at tying and bass poppers are alot of fun!
  5. here is another i tyed up this afternoon. by far the best one yet. i need to get a bobbin threader so i can put the legs in the popper body itself. oh and i remembered i had a close up mode on my camera so now you can actually see my work lol.
  6. Thank you so much Mike. You guys probably dont know how much confidence you have given me bu tlling me my first few flies look good. I know your pain about the internet Mike, i live in the pacific northwest and all i have is clearwire with 1 out of 5 bars on my modem, its about the same speed as dial-up, but with video capabilities. thanks again, Loren
  7. Hey guys, im now on my thrid day of fly tying and i made up another bass popper and a trout fly that i troll at a local lake. i have pictures of both and a how to vid for the trout fly. thanks, Loren. and the video, sorry for the low quality on the focus, my camera wont really focus on the flies. also, i am a beginner just thought i would throw a video at your way, please dont laugh at me too hard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY20J8jYBVs
  8. haha i was tying with flydude yesterday and that happened to me with the lead wire. he was crying from laughing so hard because he had just explained to me about this thread lol
  9. yeah i just got some eyes today so i will add those and some rubber legs. thanks guys
  10. Cool guys, thanks alot. I have already a whole bunch of flies already and i think this is like love at first tie! haha thanks for the replies
  11. Hey guys! I already made up one of my first bass poppers, the Sauk Mtn. Slayer, now onto my next one. I havent came up with a name for this one and it looks kinda crappy because i used black thread. i didnt really know where i was going with this one until i started to use my new flashabou i bought today. please dont rant on me too hard as this is my second day of fly tying, Thanks guys! Loren
  12. Hey guys! This is my first bass popper. Tell me what you think.
  13. Het guys! I'm new to the site and new to tying! I just ordered my beginners tying kit from Cabela's and should be here tomorrow. I ordered popper bodies and a grab bag full of materials. I trout fish alot but my new passion is topwater bass fishing. I love using my spinning gear as that is what I have always used. Right now I'm focusing on just tying flies as I need something to do this summer. I am starting this thread to get any advice on tying bass poppers and panfish poppers. But any advice will be great!
  14. yeah i feel you on that one about the gar. i am far from any enviromentalist, tree hugger, or what ever you want to call me (being the son of a family of loggers). i use what i take, and if im not gonna use it, i throw it back. i have seen sights like this, it pisses me off so badly
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