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  1. What rivers are you fishing in NJ? Then again, Stockies take anything when the first stock them..
  2. I like your last box you posted, them flies work great in NJ..Want to send me some??? LOL
  3. I'm not feeling this one Dawg... Good try...It looks like a small bird to me...
  4. Biots - Them wings and tails on a Prince nymph.. chenille- The stuff you wrap Woolly Buggers with...
  5. Guess I'll use them on the Bluegill. & Bass...Thanks for that suggestion...I Didn't think about doing that, was only thinking of using them as a indicator fly.
  6. I made a swap with a friend today, 2 dozen of my drys for these flies I posted. Whats the best way to fish them? Midge dropper off them? single? When is a good time to fish them? Spring? Summer? Fall? Thanks,Steve
  7. Here is my post office receipt for my buggers that I mailed..Just worried that they wont make it...I used an altoids tin in a padded envelope :wallbash: ....
  8. Great!! I just sent a altoids tin to Canada myself this week for the bugger swap...So your telling me It wont make it :wallbash: I mailed it in a yellow bubble wrap envelope :ripped:
  9. BDH..Thanks for them kind words..It's you guys that keep me on my quest for tying a better fly.. I just want my flies to be swap worthy, If you catch my drift... Thanks...NJF
  10. After looking at the fly on the pc.. The tails do look long...But I thought mayflies tails are long :dunno:
  11. What can I do to make this fly better?
  12. When wrapping hackle on a post, how many turns does one make with the hackle? Example...Paraduns, Parachutes...
  13. Thanks for the info guys...That makes life allot easier tying in them tails...
  14. I use Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails, and Loon flexible head cement.
  15. My guess is that they are glue sticks??? But thats just a guess.
  16. What a killer pattern...Thanks for sharing this one..
  17. Looks just like the real one 100%... Nice job...I wont even attempt this one...
  18. I seen someone post a nice mayfly with the tails splayed all nice..How does one get the three tails splayed so nicely. Any photos, or tips on this subject would be great....
  19. The only thing missing is the big M on the box...LOL
  20. Look good to me...Like a small McDonald's fry box. Good Job!!! Now fish it.... The only problem I see, it that the box is a little to big for the hook, It's crowding the gap of the hook..Good Luck!!
  21. That was an awesome clip...I enjoyed that allot...Thanks for sharing it...
  22. Flies were mailed today USPS....Thanks for hosting
  23. Flies were mailed today USPS....Thanks for hosting
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