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  1. A drone stone is an awesome pattern if you like a Czech Nymphing pattern with many steps involved..
  2. After reading your blog the other day. That's when I got the idea about hosting this swap.. Just hope we have some others that are into this style of fishing...
  3. Rockworm & bluegill576 & Crackleback you guys are in!!!
  4. Since I haven't seen a Czech nymph swap on this FTF. Thought I would host one for you guys/gals who are into this type of fishing & tying. And by hosting this swap, I hope to learn some cool patterns and materials you all use, since I'm new at tying this pattern. I would like if you can provide a recipe with the toe-tag for the nymph. Or you can just post the information on this thread if it's easier for you. Due Date July 4th. Please have your flies mailed/postdated by June 27th I'm looking for 12 people for this Czech nymph swap. Let's do this!!! 1.RockWorm Addy 6/2 Received 6/6 2.Bluegill576 Addy 6/3 Received 6/6 3.Crackleback Mailed 6/21 Received 6/25 4.Avril Addy 6/3 Mailed 6/4 Received 6/6 5.NJ All Day Addy 6/1 Mailed 6/18 Received 6/20 6.MCGX2 Addy 6/3 Mailed 6/6 Received 6/9 7.FishingBobNelson Addy 6/2 Mailed 6/3 Received 6/4 8.MyBadhabit Recieved 6/29 9.Dezod Addy 6/11 10.Jburge Addy 6/11 Received 6/22 11.Odan 12.Horseshoes Recieved 6/15
  5. All flies were shipped out today...Thanks for joining the swap and getting your flies into me on time. Please post up when your flies arrive,Thanks...NJflyman
  6. Utyer.. You can have my spot. Since I need to drop out of this swap. Sorry guys Thought I was gong to have time this weekend for tying, so i could get my flies out on Monday and be done, but things have changed since my contractors are ready to start on my home today.
  7. I couldn't get a good quality pic of mine.. So I did a google pic of a clear shot of one for you.
  8. Wow, now it's only Two items? For some reason I thought it was three? But thinking maybe just tying a pattern with no items. Since thread and a hook don't count!
  9. Nice job on the little Lopat. When did you get this one?
  10. Flon18..So what was the story on this? It's been like a week now?
  11. Skip48. I'm sorry, But If you gave me some info like this link I found in the FTF archives http://web.archive.org/web/20030810142722/www.virtualflybox.com/articles/article.php?id=5 about the subject. Then I wouldn't have called your post spam. But you just started off your post with only pics of flies(Now Removed) and buying the DVD about the rope dub technique.
  12. Skip48 "This post is not spam because it's not my DVD and I don't sell it" Just b/c it's not your DVD doesn't mean your not trying to spam me or other members.
  13. Skip84. Sorry but i noticed your name on other forums talking about this same topic over time..And all about the guys DVD. When you google Rope Dub it's always a guy named skip pushing this DVD? That's why I got bent over this post. This is not my web site, and you can do what you please. Please don't stop posting or get upset b/c of my post. Maybe your 100% right! And I do have Spam on the brain.
  14. Guess this post is just all about buying this guys DVD? I call it fly tying Spam in my book!!!! Look at the nice pics of flies folk. But don't ask me anything on how to tye them, just buy the guys DVD. Maybe I'm wrong, But i think people should share ther knowledge not just sell it. And maybe if I seen this guys technique I would buy his DVD. Sorry for being so vocal on this, But that's just how I am.. Since most people on this FTF site are willing to show their technique from making and painting awesome poppers to tying realistic fly patterns. And I'm sure many of them could sell DVD's on the subject. But would rather chose to help other FTF members out then make a profit off them
  15. How about a swap of just Gary LaFontaine flies?
  16. Can someone please show us some pictures of a step by step on this rope dub technique ?
  17. Google the name of the flies and you will have all the pics you ever need of the fly pattern.
  18. Thanks..I'll check them out next time I'm in a fly shop. I was looking at the 10'4wt myself, but thought for my home waters the 9' should do me justice. And if I feel I need that extra foot, I'll go out and get the 10' 4wt next. Since one can never have to many fly rods can he?
  19. Nice report and fish!!! Thanks for sharing.. Ohhh..Happy Birthday!!!
  20. Got A New Hardy Greys Streamflex 9' 4wt. Now I need some help from you guys that have one on what reel should I pair it up with?
  21. Question? What is the body of this fly? Is it something like spirit river {Bodi-Braid}? Very nice flies...
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