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  1. Thanks for the update!!! I was just about to go look at all my envelopes and see who's i had or didn't. Now I'm good and caught up...
  2. That's a good question!!! I' don't mind waiting but an update would be good
  3. Mystery fly box #1 is in the hands of the USPS currently awaiting it's flight at EWR to maybe COS tonight.
  4. Guess I'll go with the Pheasant Tail Nymph #16. That fly I can catch fish year round with it. And honestly what trout don't like peacock herl, or pheasant feathers. Both are great tying material trout just love.
  5. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had some free time and got some fishing in today.
  6. Yeah.. We got some off and on rain with some heavy showers the past few days, And we have more on the way all this week. Last year we didn't get that much rain at all. So this year I'm very happy with all the rain b/c the trout fishing is a lot better. Since with all the rain we got the trout moved up and down stream, and they didn't stay where they were stocked.
  7. Both Did Al give it away? Yup. The name Al Miller {Al's Rat}.. Gave it all away. I was gonna say the same thing...hahaha Check your PM's NJflyman! I didn't get any PM's today? What's up?
  8. Got out for about an hour then the heavy rains came down. With that the fish just turned off and I couldn't do Jack. So I called it a day. But I did good with the browns & bows today and they were feeding great b/c the water was off color this morning b/c of the rain we got yesterday. Fished a pheasant tail and a black hares ear. And that was the winning combo for today. But I just couldn't pull off the trifecta today, Brook, Bow, Brown. Some pics of the fish and the area I fished.
  9. Received Avril & breambuster flies today in the mail.
  10. Sorry I got yours Friday. When I posted the info I must of never hit the add reply button?
  11. This is one of my favorite simple soft-Hackled wet flies. Starling & Herl.. I'm sure most of you guys know this one!!! Wet fly hook Black thread Starling hackle Peacock herl for the body
  12. My only suggestion would be. Check your swap thread often, And give your swappers updates.. Other then that. Have fun with it, Relax it's simple, and now go post a fly tying swap up!!!
  13. A simple pattern that has been working great the past few weeks is "Craig Mathews X-Caddis". Dry fly hook 14,16,18 For me #16 works the best. Thread 8/0 or 6/0 Tan Body Olive Or Tan dubbin Wing Bleached Coastal deer hair Trailing shuck: I skip this step. But use some Amber Z-lon.
  14. Wish we would get some snow, I just love fishing in it, instead on this hail were getting today
  15. Both Did Al give it away? Yup. The name Al Miller {Al's Rat}.. Gave it all away.
  16. Me too. Since it stopped raining and the stream is only 5 minutes away Hope you get some!!! 4:40pm Changed my mind.. I'll go tomorrow instead and let the water rest some.
  17. Got out for only about 10 minutes then the rain came. Noticed some trout taking flies from the surface film. I used a Elk hair caddis pattern and got a few today on that. Took a pic of a trout to show just how bad the Acid rain is in NJ.
  18. Guess you live or fish in PA?
  19. I use the Tiemco 200R for mostly tying up Midge Larva & Midge Pupa patterns #18-22. It's a good hook, have fun tying with it..
  20. Swap update: Got PM's from both swappers that they are getting ready to mail them. So we should make our deadline on this swap. Thanks guys for the quick tying and mailing of your flies..
  21. Sounds like some good patterns. Do you have a pic of them flies that you can post? This way people can see it and it will help them out when it comes to the proportions of the fly.
  22. Very nice looking boo. How many tips does she got? I got second dibs on it if riffleriversteelheadslayer changes his mind. And if Steve is crazy enough to sell off the boo. Thanks for sharing with us Steve. PS.The only thing I see missing is a pic of you with a nice wild brown on the other end of your line. Best of luck with it Steve.
  23. Great idea... I did tye both styles yesterday, My thinking was if I don't catch any on a certain color, I'll just give it away to my local fly moochers. And just tell them it it's an effective fly.
  24. Thanks guys for helping me with a source..
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