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  1. I'm a little disappointed in how some of the heads turned on in the flys. A bit of a drying rack fiasco resulted in some interesting results. Swimming the fly near schooled up reds or above a grass bed will yield some good results. I gave it a shot a few weeks back with positive results. Thanks for hosting the swap and for everyone for tying up some fish food.
  2. A bit of a preview. I got the second set done much faster than the first. Breaking the process down into two sittings for the flies seem to make things much faster. The pattern is fairly simple. B10S Size 1 Eggsac/Mouthparts: Orange Synthetic Fibers (I used a PIP fiber form Fly tyers dungeon. However the Enrico pattern calls for a orange streamer brush.) Antennae: Green Sili Legs Eyes:Crustacean Eyes Claws: Barred Tiger Rabbit Strip Body: Gold Sparkle Streamer Brush Small Lead Eyes I tied this batch in two steps: Lead Eye-> Eggsac -> Antennae -> Crustacean Eyes Claws -> Body By breaking it up, it helped make for a more durable fly. I make the crustacean eyes by tinting five minute epoxy with either Testors enamel or fine cut glitter.
  3. Flies are on their way 2nd day air. I apologize again for the delay!
  4. Sorry for the delay. Spent the day digging around the shop trying to find the location of the box. Apparently the box was shipped to one of our sales guys for some odd reason and shipped back to me. Of course no one can tell me where they put it, so i started a new set and should have them done tonight and shipped red on Monday. I've requested a tracking number this time so I can better monitor the package. I apologize for the delay everyone. I learned my lesson on this one. Sometimes it's best to do things yourself.
  5. Interesting. I will check with my shipping department tomorrow to get a status. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Played with a tip flex 10' 8 wt Helios 2 a few days back. It was a breeze to cast. Obviously the price tag is a stinger at $850, but it would def fit the bill. A Thomas and Thomas TNT would be one to check out but I think it is only 9'. I have no experience with the blank, but a Batson RX8 may work for you.
  7. I second the ebay option. I just picked up two used sage rods for around $100 a piece. Both were in acceptable condition, one looking almost new. I agree with all that was stated above. I have a Lamson, Ross, and Tibor reel and would recommend either of the three
  8. I believe I saw that Colton was looking into producing a blank with carbon nano fibers blended in to give the blank more strength. I cannot recall which board I saw this on, but I know it is being talked about.
  9. Working out the kinks on this guy. I attempted to invert the fly from the original design to ride hook point up, but I couldn't come up with a solution that tracked the same as the original. I'm hoping to give it a quick field test tomorrow afternoon if the planets align just right. Will have them all done over the weekend and shipped UPS on Monday.
  10. Note to self: Fly to the ENP tomorrow before Kudu goes out on Wed. Good luck! I've got a couple of trips planned once things at work slow down, but until then I'm stuck day dreaming about 200 lb tarpon.
  11. They all came in around 2-3 lbs.
  12. This is the pattern I was using. http://www.jackgartside.com/step_sh_streamer.htm I used a size 4 Gama SS15. I tried one with the mallard flank and one without. The fly without the mallard flank worked better in this case, but to maintain a baitfish profile for other species it sure seems to help. I simply stripped the fly into the bed and watched the fish. Eventually, the fish will pick the fly up to remove it from the bed. With a carefully timed hook set you'll have the fish in hand in no time.
  13. Took advantage of a rare day off to try something new this past weekend. I have always seen a large amount of Tilapia surround the banks of my neighborhood ponds, but I could never get them to take a bait of any kind. After a bit of light reading, my luck changed for the better on Sunday. Sight fishing the male fish guarding the beds along the bank proved to be the best tactic. I tied some Soft Hackle Streamers in Black/Purple that did the job. All in all they were a pretty fun fish to catch.
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