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  1. Thanks for the welcome...man what a bunch of good info....I'm getting into some swaps to push myself to do better, exchange ideas, and hopefully get good feed back Darrin
  2. I'll Confirm that I'm In......this makes 4 swaps and 67 flies( if they fill completely up) Darrin
  3. I'm not in "yet"..but interested if I can get my others done....and this doesn't fill up. Darrin
  4. got my dozen pearl head bugs done....just like the one pictured....need to find a shipping box that they will all fit in. hope they are found acceptable. fairly new to tying ,about a year, and this is my 2nd swap anywhere. Darrin
  5. our local mini-mart carrys Eagle Claw Aberdeens that I use for alot of different patterns, flex for eye up or down, $2 for 25... Darrin
  6. I have an Eagle Claw 6-6 featherlight 3/4 that I love....many 2lb + SM have been brought to hand and a blast for pan or a 6 in Brookie Darrin
  7. I'm in.....guess the last to commit......should be the first to be commited :bugeyes: pattern TBD Darrin
  8. will this work? hook #6 2x (I think) head pearl bead weight .025 lead free tail cocoa/white marabou body black sparkle legs white sparkle silly legs
  9. I would be interested in joining also Darrin
  10. got back into tying about a year ago and am looking everywhere for info and ideas..... gotta love the addiction..... Darrin
  11. would I be new enough to join in the fun?...not sure what colors I can come up with.....olive works around here on the SM. Darrin
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