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  1. Thank you for the great book. You both have a great website.
  2. I started tying some 35 years ago. Started with a Jack Dennis's book. Was able to take a one day class with Jack. Started with a Prince vice and mustad hooks. Best book was Carrie Stevens step by step tying book. Sure is easier for the beginner with YouTube now. Great way to relax and feed my fly fishing habit. Just got my wife started fly fishing. Give her a fly box full of my hand tied flys for her b-day this year. Sure enjoy watch other people ty flies.
  3. Jack Dennis for his western flies and instruction books
  4. I only wish I had a room like that.
  5. Hans, I have looked at the great flies you ty over the years and you are one great tyer and just very nice to share with others. redwing
  6. I like your idea. I bet it is hard to find a wood suitecase redwing
  7. I 2nd the nomad now fishpond seen the newest nets and they great looking. Redwing
  8. Hi Rotaryflytyingdotcom, I just order a 3000 on your advise. Thank you. Redwing
  9. Hi Rotaryflytyingdot, I was thinking about the 3000 vice. I have the 4000 but when I ty 20 and smaller flies my fingers get in the way of the small screw at the top of the jaw. I ty alot of small flies and just wanted you thoughts. I my look at HMH also Thanks Redwing
  10. 1.Fish more and enjoy the outdoors. 2. Hope to get my wife to enyjoy flyfishing 3. Ty more because the wife loses flys ( make her replace fly tying material) 4. Fish somewhere I have never been. Redwing
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