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  1. All great. Love the wee bucktails
  2. If you are tying with synthetics, their stuff is great and low cost. I have liked all of the FTD products that I have tried.
  3. You guys are stepping it up this month. Great flies!
  4. Kim was a true ambassador for fly tying. He was a big hearted person.
  5. I assume this swap is closed due to our tragic loss. RIP Kim.
  6. That is such sad news. We are never prepared to lose a friend.
  7. "It is a matter of considerable indifference to the fish," John Gerach He also said tying flies is like a witch's cauldron, materials need to be hard to find, vaguely obscure, and a little bit disgusting. It's better if you get it from some farm kid than a fly shop. It has to be the right stuff. Like urine stained fur from the belly of a female fox. Lol. That being said, I love tying soft hackles with Partridge, Grouse, hen ( cheap ones from India are fine for larger flies), pheasant, and Quail. They all work if not too stiff.
  8. Do these work well? Not trying to be a smarta##. One of the deals in the gear fishing world is that a true Senko has not been really duplicated even with other plastics. It quivers a special way on the fall and is soft and salty. However, these would seem to me to work, but I agree with the above post, nothing works like soft plastic. Some even cast small plastic lizards and worms with a fly rod and some cast flies for warm water under a bubble.
  9. Norm, great feather wings. Fruit roll up, those are some cool flies!
  10. I will join. I am always amazed and gratified by people who mail their flies in before the sign up deadline.
  11. I have had no success marrying wings. Great job!
  12. I got my J Stockard and Barlow catalogs on the same day... my wife confiscated my debit card. Lol
  13. I have a Bob Clouser display and he glued the fly to an old barrel weight that was sitting vertical. Glued onto the end of the upturned barrel with goop or silicone. The old lead gave a nice neutral look.
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