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  1. One more set due and I will distribute the flies. These are fun flies. Makes me want to go fishing for Bluegill!
  2. I cannot type. My wife thinks fishing for a fish that you "just throw back" is a great waste of time. So maybe it was a Freudian slip. I told her that growing flowers that you can't eat was a waste of time, too. She said that was different.
  3. One more set due and I will distribute the flies. Food job guys!
  4. The rib is just an overlay of thread. I did not do that consistently. 😐 Thanks for the kind words
  5. Partridge and orange. Pearsall's silk
  6. Flytire, can you list the materials used?
  7. For summer Steelhead, black wing flies, white wing flies. For winter, intruders. Purple, black, pink, orange are popular Steelhead colors. Egg sucking WB seem popular. Big muddlers
  8. Joining this discussion late. Some overlay the hair tail with GP tippet.
  9. Capt Bob's point is well taken. If you see a fly that you want to tie, buy it for a pattern. That is what us less professional tiers do.
  10. Pm me your address. I will send some hooks. I don't need anything in return. My condolences for your loss.
  11. Nice tutorial. The only difference between your version and Lefty's is that he just twists off a clump of feathers and lashes them on, rather than carefully matching them. I wonder if that gives the fly a more erratic action? I have always used your approach, though. Good job.
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