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  1. I like the native plant approach. In the PNW we have so many vibrant plants growing wild that can be domesticated. Even in the drought they are brilliant. As for climate change, the science seems compelling enough. I personally think that alot of the problem with increased CO2 is loss of trees and phytoplankton in some areas. Trying to get people to change is not going to be effective. Technology will have to come to the rescue. The only way to fix any of this is to make it economically viable. I don't mean by draconian taxes. I mean by finding a way to make doing the right thing for the environment profitable. Since I was a kid the population has more than doubled. We are nearing the carrying capacity of the planet. We will see more catastrophies as we go. I have been surprised and saddened by the anti-science and anti-vaccination crowd. In my opinion if you don't want to get vaccinated that is your business, but you should not be allowed to burden the hospital if you get sick. The same medical science treats the sick as made the vaccines. The US tried to deal with pollution by sending those industries to places with no regulations. We need to quit crapping in our nest. As far as preserving the environment goes, hunters and anglers have been providing the vast majority of the effective solutions. I am proud to be a "hook and bullet" conservationist. Sorry for the rant!
  2. Got my Caddis flies! All are excellent! You guys have amazing skills. Can someone with good camera skills post a photo?
  3. The swap portion of the forum won't go away if we decide it won't. I am just taking a break from hosting until I get some stuff sorted out. This year has been tough on us all.
  4. Same here, Bob. You were the first person to encourage me to host a swap.
  5. This is so weird. I mailed the foam flies from a bigger post office and the stoneflies from our little two person one. Anyway, glad they are coming in. Save the envelope with the non canceled stamps for your next swap, Norm.
  6. Glad you got it. They may have thought it was a mail in ballot!
  7. Excellent work. You have gone down the rabbit hole!
  8. I saw a dead skunk in the road yesterday....I decided that I don't need anything that bad.
  9. Thanks for your kind words. My cancer is low grade and my doctor has recommended "active surveillance " for now. My PSA was at a reasonable level last week. Thank God. It is kind of a dark cloud, though.
  10. From now on when I do swaps I will go to the post office and get tracking numbers when I mail them back as I did this swap. Pain in the rear to have to do that, but it worked on this swap. I feel bad about the foam flies, but I just put them in the post and they disappeared.
  11. If someone with better camera skills would make a better photo, please. Extras will be sent to one of the charities. If someone has a special charity, like casting for recover in your area, let me know.
  12. Thanks for participating. Only one dropped out for health reasons. I am mailing these out. Hopefully the USPS doesn't let us down! Again, thanks for participating!
  13. I got the weak mind part nailed. Thanks for the kind words.
  14. Nice flies everyone! Thanks for the cord
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