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  1. I like the wiss nips. They are everything Bryon described. I find they very easy to sharpen as well. A couple of swipes with a hook hone and they are razor sharp again. Also most people pay way to much for them. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000R8LZF4/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=new
  2. haha, I love the thing, but I only have one, as the threading is so easy. Its nothing to change the spoil. I have a bobbin graveyard thanks to the Mp. haha But for sure, you only will need 1.
  3. You got plenty of fly shops in that area, Stop by one and they will tell you what to use on your local waters. Also check out the mid atlantic fly fishing guide, it is free monthly mag, It will tell the hatches and what patterns are working well.
  4. Since you are just starting out, keep it simple. For nymph fishing just carry pheasant tails,and hares ears size 12-18. Streamers, carry wooly buggers, black, brown, and olive. size 6-12. For dry flies, just carry giffith gnats size 12-24 and parachute adams. You will be able to catch a lot trout with those patterns. But be sure to work on your presentation, it is equally as important to the fly you are presenting. Good luck.
  5. I cant choose as i love all my wets equally. In a cast i usually have a winged on top, a flymph in the middle and spider on the bottom. I tie them in sizes from 8-28, They all have thier time and place on the stream
  6. Whats an MP Bobbin A mp bobbin is a marc petijean quick thread bobbin. It is medal.
  7. Cast smoothly who remembers this video!
  8. I am hopelessly addicted to my MP bobbin. I used to use tiemco ceramic and gave ritt a go, but they dont measure up to the MP. imho
  9. Just use ritt dye or other clothing dyes. Although you if you use koolaid, you could drink what is left over! lol For rich colors you need white. So either buy white materials or you will need to bleach. You can use hair bleach for that. To achieve rich colors, use a touch of salt and some vinegar. Also the longer you leave the materials in the dye bath the dark they will be. Any other info needed on dying, simply do a search here on the site, as there has been much discussions on this in the past. happy dying!
  10. Keep your rod on a level plain, and keep your casting stroke smooth but deliberate. Start slow and speed up, and stop. Lots of guide casting videos on youtube.
  11. cdl for tailing is absolutley great. It has a nice modeling to it, and the stiffness is equal to fibbets and I agree, that it is easier to work with. If your going to pick some up, you want the saddle hackle, you can buy an entire saddle for pretty cheap. The tailing packs whiting offers are a good bargain as well.
  12. This is a tough question, lol. but id say i use more patridge (hungarian) than anything else, though I do love all the other game skins i have and i have quite a few, prolly why its such a hard question lol
  13. Thanks everyone and thank for the report on those cuts. I gotta get out that way for some of them. The pattern in various colors has served me well through the years and I am glad to hear it is serving others well. Jon Joe there is a material list under the first photo.
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