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  1. Wow, nice looking fish! We don´t have those here in Finland They taste good?
  2. I really like the composition of this one. Well done!
  3. Wow!!! :bugeyes: I like especially the grasshopper. Tosi nättej luomuksia!!! How did you make the fins for the trout??
  4. That´s cool! Hopefully it will cover whole world soon.
  5. Thanks for the advice, Olb! From now on I´ll be looking inside boxes more carefully
  6. Nice flies! Olb, what did you use for the body and wing? The one in my avatar is tied on size 20 short shank, designed for hmm.. selective arctic charr
  7. I use spiderweb often, it´s perfect for small flies and some specials such as klinkhåmer.
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