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  1. Welcome from Calgary, fellow Albertan!
  2. That was brilliant....start working on episode two, your fanbase should grow quickly! I hope to see your father on the water someday soon.
  3. Sadly, I do not really....this has caused me to end up with a few extras (like 6 spools of olive thread). The problem is that at this point, it would take me a good 25-30 hours of cataloging to list everything I have.
  4. Sevin dust works well, as does freezing. Be very cautious with No-Pest strips, the dichlorvos in them binds to water, so breathing around them is not a good idea....they were supposed to be off the market a few years ago because of concern of chronic exposure causing lasting damage....you can kill an entire aquarium of fish very quickly by having a No-Pest in the same room.
  5. I prefer the double-sided see-through plastic boxes....waterproof, easy to open and close, and I can see what is in each side of the box with a glance.
  6. Wholesale sports carries Renzettis, and they ship: http://ca.wholesalesports.com/storefront/renzetti/home/fishing/fly-tying/tools/c0-c20-c203-c20306-b105250-p1.html Fish Tales Has Renzetti, Norvise, and a few others, and if you ask nicely, they may ship: http://www.fishtalesflyshop.com/ If you find something available in Calgary, I would be happy to lend a hand getting it shipped to you.
  7. Canada is tough...our postage is not only high, but it costs more to ship a small parcel to a neighbouring town than it does to ship the same parcel to the US, the UK, or Australia (something the size and weight of a good-sized pocketbook runs about $12 for all these options).
  8. That is odd....I still have a lot of frustration with American sellers on eBay that will not ship to Canada...even items that have no customs restrictions. I would just love to scoop a few pelts of various species (opossum, nutria, etc) from the US without the hassle and cost of customs. Yes, we have Cubans up here...lots of cigar shops with walk-in humidors full of them. I just had my cousin bring me back a box from her trip to Cuba last week, and a friend that will bring me another when he goes mid-month (bringing them in duty-free means about $10/cigar for the primo brands vs. $30-$50 at the shops).
  9. Must be something with US customs specifically. I just picked up one, 36" long, off eBay right here in Canada for $25.
  10. I have a Roots dubbing machine that I bought unused off a chap a few months back...have not yet got around to trying it out.
  11. When you visit the rubbermaid/sterilite section of shops to find that 'perfect material storage container'. When you have 5 GB+ of photos stored on your computer...not of porn, or vehicles, but of flies, vises and tying benches. When, whilst visiting the zoo or wildlife park, get a sore neck from constantly scanning for errant bits of fur/feathers from the residents.
  12. She may...my fiance....she ties too and has an eagle-eye and steel will when it comes to potential mats, no matter the source.
  13. I have some Shiba Inu and Bichon that I have yet to try out, but have a few flies tied with some other breeds. Other household pet mammals also have some great fur....
  14. There are a number of shops that would gladly ship, and a fair few in Canada ebay sellers (just search ebay.ca for sellers in Canada only). Whereabouts in Canada are you? There might be a nearby option, too.
  15. Uni, Danville, and Bennechi as much as possible. At the fly-fishing expo this weekend, I just picked up some of Superfly's new Superthread....listed as a 6/0, it is more like a 8/0, and crazy strong.....I think that I will like it.
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