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  1. st. louis, MO here (town and country)
  2. JackG


    glad you found the site barfly.... fellow FS member =]
  3. well it sure is one ugly looking thing
  4. what is that thing? do u mean snake head?
  5. QUOTE (TroutBum @ May 26 2004, 04:23 PM) One more time for good luck... ill help you out tb, hows tampa?
  6. the fly looks good to me
  7. QUOTE (lanvaettir @ May 17 2004, 05:50 PM) Man that is seriously bad news. People adding non-native fish to waters are really screwing things up. Just like the lake trout in Yellowstone. Bad news. lake trout in yellowstone... btw why dont the guys just figure out what bait to use for them and just overfish them causing them to die out.
  8. JackG

    Missouri Crayfish

    cant believe i missed this.. i live in MO now. thnx
  9. nice, bet it put up a good fight. i never got to fish for stripers when i was on the east coast. i saw them pulled out of the hudson by the ossinning train station though lol... deformed.
  10. White River CV2 is on sale now for $100 at Bass pro
  11. JackG

    Fuzzy Hand

    looks like a spanish mack got ahold of it, guess we know it catches fish
  12. sweet, ill be in for sure
  13. JackG


    QUOTE (Onshore @ May 7 2004, 10:44 AM) Guess no one is fishing; or cares to reply. This is the coldest site I've ever frequented....................I'm gone you asked a specific question and since im not fishin it i didnt respond
  14. JackG

    Woolly Worm

    hows the pink work compared to the red wool, do you notice and difference?
  15. im getting a real big itch to fish for some snook, settling for bass at this time though. if i goto eckerd college ill have all the time in the world to fish bahahaha.
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