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  1. I just recently got some owner hooks in the flyliner model that have huge eyes, and the size 2 is tiny for a size 2. i believe the strength was gorilla lite. model number is 5106-091. def large enough to get 20lb floro through.
  2. caught from Navarre pier, i fried it up noms nomss
  3. lmao no no im not waiting on my kayak... until then its pier
  4. lol Mikechell im not sure if that is sarcasm im sensing or envy.... but yea i have thought about heading up to the east river and seeing how i can fair with the large mouths and gills some time when i get tired of chasing reds and trout.
  5. Yes sir living in Navarre.
  6. We have been busy with moving and buying a house, and all sorts of other exciting things. Anyway following are some pictures of what i have been up to. Loving this Florida life and only been down here for the last month or so. cant wait to get the kayak back so i can hit some flats with the fly stick.
  7. thanks folks i am hooked on fishing for em now im itching to get back down there and hook some up on the fly
  8. Hey folks, i went on my trip to pensacola was not able to land a bull on the fly though... however i did catch my share on regular tackle still a blast here are some pics enjoy i plan on going back soon and grabbing me one with a fly as soon as the waters warm up.
  9. i see tons of tootoos and she man wigs coming as a result of this post....
  10. I can afford that and i have read those requirements.. I guess im looking for more in the lines of how do i go about marketing and further more how do you make connections in the fishing world i know most guides didnt become great ones by them selves?
  11. i use a kayak so space is limited. that being said my max amount of fly boxes is 2 however i usually have one box with me and a few flies thrown in the center hatch if i feel they are worth bringing along.
  12. It should be i know some guys over that way and thats about the time they start hitting it hard.
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