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  1. Wow, those are some awesome emergers, Crackaig! Here are some Early- Season Stones, size 14. The one on the right was killing the rainbows a few days ago at my favorite creek, but I have yet to try the other. I'll give the material list for the one on the right. Hook: 3x long nymph hook of choice, slight curve Weight: Gold or Copper Bead Thread: UNI-Thread, Brown, 8/0 Tail: Natural Goose Biots, forked Body: Turkey Tail Quill Segment, Herl-style Rib: Krystal Flash, Pearl Thorax: Dubbing Blend (P.M. Me if interested) Legs: Six Goose Biots Shellcase: Two Goose Biots and one Strip of Pearl Flashback Tinsel Collar: Dubbing Blend Antennae: Goose Biots
  2. Nice fish, beautiful river, great pictures! Wow!
  3. Here's a little baitfish imitation. It's really hard to tell whats going on with the crappy picture, but it's a killer on largemouth. Gonna have to try it in the salt... Last two pictures are with the fly wettened. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  4. Great fly! I love your vice too, the Damascus steel is awesome!
  5. Thanks a lot, everybody, I'm really glad you like it! Peterjay and Capt. Bob, I'm glad you guys like the bubbles, cause they bug the crap outta me!
  6. I did a casting test in our cattle's water trough, and it is very easy to handle on the 7wt. It floats slightly lower than a popper with just paint, but local bass don't like super agressive topwaters. Nick, I'll have to try that next time if I ever make another (it takes a LOT of copper), because my normal method of rubbing the bubbles out with soapy fingers doesn't work on the copper. But it looks cool and shines bright in almost any light!
  7. Just had an Idea..... Enjoy!
  8. Great flies, everyone! Here is a squid-ish jig/fly thing for the salt I concocted! I probably won't even fly fish with it, but instead will jig it off a boat for lings. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  9. Wow, Kirk! Those flies are UNBELIEVABLE! I'm just a little embarrassed to post this! But I've gotten some productive flies out of vice lately, mainly summer spring creek flies for local trout, who can't resist that one nymph stuck on my finger (killer pattern)! But I have also turned out a few bass flies. Enjoy! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  10. Great flies, I love the stimulator!
  11. You very rarely see that style of weed guard in production flies, but I prefer it in mine. It offers a better hook up and is more weedless than regular mono. Great tie!
  12. C LeBo


    Nice use of materials! Try melting a curly tail to the end of it to give a little more action. Where do you buy that... whatever it is behind the fly?
  13. Yes, sir, I agree that it really does get the bass on the move! I just use, like you said, some sparkly nail polish covered with Loon Hard Head. They got me some 4+ pounders at the pond yesterday! AWESOME STRIKES!
  14. Nice tie, Tee. I tie a similar fly in red with black hackle and some arctic fox for crappies. They just can't leave it alone!
  15. Thanks a lot, guys! I'm still learning and still working on em. My dad's going to let me use his old dremel, so I'm gonna have a new toy to play with!
  16. I got to try out a few yesterday, and I had no problem casting them with my 6 weight Wonderrod.
  17. Working on my poppers still! They're still cork, though, but I'm getting better at my paint jobs and I'm starting to get a routine down for carving them.But anyways here is my small "flotilla" of poppers! Still learning... Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf Enjoy!
  18. Thanks Kirk and PerchJerker. My dads a contractor/carpenter so I can probably dig up some of his tools to shape the body, though where would you reccomend to get balsa from? Perchjerker, I did a "bathtub" test of mine before adding the skirt, it has a nice suddle pop, rides great in the water, and is about the same size as local bullfrogs. I love your committment to realism, though! Hopefully I'll cast it to some hawgs during this nice summer rain
  19. Thanks a lot, guys! But one question, what is the proper way to shape the body? I whittled mine, but is there a less labor/time consuming way to make the body?
  20. Those do look like they'll fill up your creel pretty quick!
  21. Hello, I've decided to try my luck with poppers, I've added skirts to them but this is my first time of making the body. I whittled it out of a wine cork with my pocketknife and some fine sandpaper. It's crude, yes, but hopefully I'll be as good as you guys (Kirk, Stippled Popper, Etc.). Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf Enjoy!
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